Yellowtail Marine

Published 30 Oct 2017

Gilcrists responsibilities to the company: To set right the immediate problems related to the quality standards that would ensure healthy working environment to workers, comply with clean water regulation, comply with clean air and water act of 1971, to evolve right marketing strategies considering the current situation (inflation and changing trend towards the model), consider the condition of Saggitarius and setting right the problems at the plant. Responsibilities to the employees: Creating clear job description and work schedule to bring work clarity and progress, giving motivation for team effort. Responsibilities to Boswell: Finishing works left by Olaf, submit Yellow tail’s strategy, show results for the improved performance of Yellow tail.

Issues with relative importance: For the company to function properly without any restriction, it is necessary to fulfill the quality standards set by the government. So, it is necessary to address the issues to comply with clean air and water act, clean water regulation and healthy working environment of workers. After this, the marketing strategies should be focused upon. Issues in conflict: Not maintaining the minimum quality standards. It would require immediate attention.

Her long term goals: She should set her long term goals to get more orders for the company by doing analysis of demands of the buyers. She should concentrate on adventure cruises.

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Activities that should be done now: The administration should find out how to operate the company complying with the quality standards and provide training to the staffs, creating action plan for the company.

Communicating her decisions: For communicating the plan to Boswell, she could use a detailed report and for the board a detailed presentation could be used. Many communication strategies have been formulated, but little research is done on how it can be decided what strategy can be used best in a certain situation (Van den Putte, B. and Dhondt, G, 2003).
Risks and painful decisions : If they are not able to comply with the quality standards, they may face problem in running the company.

It s possible to make the company more market oriented and it could be achieved by finding the niche and manufacturing crafts accordingly. Effective marketing begins with an understanding of what you have to offer (Anonymous, 2005).


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