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Case of Exxon Mobil vs EPA

Facts: In 1988, Clark County, Nevada started an oxygenated fuel program to reduce the level of Carbon Monoxide emissions during wintertime. The said program was undertaken since it was classified as a serious non-attainment area for Carbon Monoxide. It initially required that all fuel sold should consist of 2.5% oxygen. In 1991, it increased the requirement to 2.7% oxygen. Despite this program, Clark Country remained a non-attainment area for Carbon Monoxide emissions. In 1997, the Clark Country amended its plan to require 3.5% minimum oxygen content. This was submitted by...
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Writing a research paper

A friend of mine said the other day, "It's just a paper." And while he was right, and when I work myself into a frenzy over it, I should remember that, but when I sit back and reflect on the progress I've made, and what I want to do next, it is so much more than a paper. It is an experiment, the biggest challenge to me as a thinker and as a writer at this moment in time. It is a capstone experience that I can really feel I...
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Cyber Bullying

With the advent of the Internet, the world became a global village and it has created an entirely different world of social communications especially for young people. Young and old people alike can stay in touch with just about everyone – family, friends and classmates by using email, SMS text messaging, or chat rooms. Although most of these interactions are positive and friendly, there are some instances that these tools are used to antagonize, torment and intimidate others especially children. Such action is considered cyber bullying. The Internet can easily...
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