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Yield to Maturity: A Bond

A bond is a debt security that is usually issued by parties like companies or governments in order to raise funds to be used for particular purposes. A company borrows money from a certain group and in return gives assurance that it will pay the amount it borrowed plus interest on an earlier agreed time. In general then, a bond functions like an "IOU."In order to have a simple understanding of how a bond works, one only need remember these three terms: face or par value, coupon or interest rate...
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Yield to Maturity: Definitio

In economics yield to maturity (Yield to Maturity: Definition) is the internal rate of return from the flows of cash of fixed income security, especially from bonds. Yield is paid if the bonds or other securities are to be held until their maturity. Yield to maturity is a measurement of the return from the bonds. Yield to maturity gives investors the opportunity to calculate the fair value of financial instruments. Yield to maturity applies exactly to a zero coupon bond. The reason is that this bond has no interest to...
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Yla Eason and a study in Woman Entrepreneurship

The Olmec Toys have made its entry into the highly competitive market for dolls and toys and has been able to carve out its own niche space within a short period of time. The reason for its huge growth has been due to the extraordinary and single minded efforts of its founder and president Yla Eason. Not only she belonged to the black community, but that she was bringing out a concept hitherto not seen and that is the novel idea now popularly known as the ‘ethnically correct dolls and...
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Yield to Maturity

In economics yield to mature is the internal rate of return from the flows of cash of fixed income security, especially from bonds. Yield is paid if the bonds or other securities are to be help until their maturity. Simply saying, yield to maturity is a measurement of the return from the bonds. It is necessary to note that yield to maturity gives investors the opportunity to calculate the fair value of financial instruments. Yield to maturity applies exactly to a zero coupon bond. The reason is that this bond...
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Credit Card

On February 25, 2009 in Wall Street Journal Mary Pylon wrote about AmEx asking its customers to close their credit card accounts. As a stimulus, AmEx offered its clients a $300 prepaid gift. Pylon (2009) suggests that "the unusual move underscores how quickly conditions have deteriorated in the credit-card market". While mortgage crisis has become the source of major economic pressures, credit card companies still fight to survive. It should be said, that credit card holders are not given any choice; and if they do not agree to close their...
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WTO: Friend or Foe?

In December 1999, more than 200 arrests were made in Seattle as rioters broke out into the streets, blocking off traffic, making huge bonfires, and chanting "the world is watching" ("Hundreds Arrested"). Indeed, the world was watching as televisions across the globe tuned into the WTO conference held in Seattle. Viewer attention was called on the multitudes marching for interests that ranged from labor issues to environmental degradation, while riot police made grim pronouncements for the eventual use of tear gas and brute force. This, however, was not enough as...
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WTO Trade Winds: A Changing Title

Fiji has undergone a crisis across the social, economic, political levels of the nation, with many Western countries criticizing the events have unfolded. Such events include the toppling of a democratically elected president and replacing it with a transition government. A new democratically elected government has been installed once again, but there seems to be more in store.Fiji has for long been burdened with foreign development models-mainly British and American- that have failed to work for the nation. Fiji is composed of less than one million people, with more than...
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The establishment of the World Trade Organization has a definite goal in achieving equal opportunities for member countries to have a very good relationship with each other. This aim of course is intended to be implemented in terms of trading transactions of commodities and services. Since there is a very good chance that countries will eventually merge and partner with each other to get mutual benefits, it would just be a very good approach if a governing institution can at least become the guiding factor in conducting international purchases and...
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Early Supplier Integration Memorandum

In order to achieve such goals, Nolan should focus on four fundamental criteria. These criteria are necessary for identifying and justifying which supplies to integrate in the development phase. The first criterion is product delivery. Scott Nolan must identify which suppliers have the least time differential in delivery time. The second criterion is product range. The input-output mix of the company depended on the simplicity of the input market matrix. The selection process for choosing industrial equipment must be both cost-effective and efficient. In short, Nolan has to choose suppliers...
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Who benefit from forming a customs union?

Customs union refers to the trade agreement between the various countries. The main purpose of these agreements is to exchange the commodities with concessions in the tariff on the imported goods. It is found that there are many clauses in the customs unions which benefit the exporting country although in certain situations the importing country also stands to benefit. For example we find reference to the formation of the customs union in the European Union, North America and Africa.The various members of the European Union decided to cooperate with each...
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Global Financing

The global marketplace in which countries use the different structures of trading is one of the major attributes in international cooperation. Because of the significant interactions of economies towards progress, there is always a need to continuously monitor the way financial assets are utilized. In this case, financial institutions such as the World Bank will be able to effectively address the different needs of respective county members. The overall capability of the institution to solve financial problems can eventually become the most important role the department will be able to...
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Major Components of the World Trade Organization

The process of trade has been a part of history since the development of mankind and it is essential for mankind and independent states to trade to obtain necessities and commodities. Most importantly, come into question the rules of trading and what is appropriate in the process of trading. As a result, politics are the building stones for regulating international and domestic trade, so politics and economics are a marriage that could not be dissolved. Since the international system is complex and involves the participation of many countries with different...
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World Vision, Control Mechanism, and Management

World Vision engages in providing aid and relief all over the world. It channels the donations of countless philanthropists and donors worldwide. Although the organization's focus is on children, it also helps in dealing with emergencies worldwide. Even though this is the case, control mechanisms are in place in the organization, which help it ensure transparency and manage its operations.Although money might pour in from various donors, management has to keep a tight rein on the budget to ensure that money donated actually goes to the intended recipients. The whole...
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Poverty in the United States and India

So many nations are subject to the growing problem of poverty in its areas. Most often, countries look up to other progressive and powerful nations, like the United States of America, because of its better, if not best, economic and social development. U.S. has been regarded as one of the most influential countries around the globe. It has proven its stature over time due to its impressive growth, supremacy, vast opportunities and technological advancement. On the other hand, there are many countries, which have been on the news at all...
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World Population

In 2004 world population reached the amount of 6.4 billion people. According to the information, publicized by U.S. Census Bureau, in 2004 total number of people living on our planet was 6,375,006,404, and in 2005 this number came up to 6,451,429,868 people. Therefore, in 2004 average population change totaled +76,423,464 people, and the index of average annual population growth was 1.18% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007).According to the information from one of the most popular online information databases the World Factbook publicized by Central Intelligent Agency, currently (June 14, 2007) population...
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