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My name is Zhu Zhu and I am expecting to graduate in winter of 2009 with a bachelor degree in accounting. In relation to this, I am intending to apply for the 150-hour program in order to be able to take the CPA exam.Prior to coming to the US, I have studied in Macau for two years on general business. Macau, an exciting city that combines both the Western and Eastern cultures, is where I became interested in pursuing my next level of education in US and eventually transferred to...
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Response to the Resume

Ms. Celina Newcomb267 Stage Trail RoadBismarck, ND 58507Dear Ms. Newcomb:Thank you for submitting your application to our organization. According to your resume, you have the necessary qualifications for the position of Investigator I.According to our standard procedures, you are required to take the state qualifying examination. Qualified applicants with the top five score will be invited to a structured interview to be scheduled at a later date. You will be notified of an interview appointment if you are in the top five applicants.Your examination time has been scheduled for Monday,...
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