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Essay Criticism

The start of the essay itself is very abrupt there is no proper introduction to the entire essay. The sentences are rather long and incomplete, for instance “No amount of replication, no matter how…" The sentence does not end correctly with a period. In the second paragraph, the use of “namely" is misplaced, there are many such words used inappropriately. The references and quotations are also not correctly done.Our Customers Often Tell Us:My head is so empty - someone write the nature vs nurture essay for meEssayLab specialists advise: Here...
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Fundamental Writing Strategies for a Medical Audience

Effective and professional writing, whether to lay people or to the unique medical community, relies on fundamental writing skills coupled with a focused and principled message that is tailored to the needs and desires of the audience. Even the finest writers sometimes focus too much on their ideas without remembering and empathizing with the intended audience. When medical professionals comprise the target audience, the writer is required to employ a broader yet precise approach. However, writing to any audience requires a deep, sound skill set and a coherent vision for...
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Writing the Negative Letter

MS. ARMINAMEL ELLASOSVice President – Information TechnologySM Land, Inc.10/F, SM OneE-com CenterHarbor Drive, Mall of Asia ComplexManilaDear Ms. Ellasos:First of all, allow me to acknowledge the reliability of the IT Department in troubleshooting the numerous PC-related problems of staff members in our division during the past year. We appreciate your competent technical support in addressing numerous problems encountered during the last fiscal year, thereby speeding up work processes.However , we noticed that lately, your team members seem to always be unavailable when technical glitches require urgent staff support. We all...
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Writing to Explore

Writing to Explore is a process of self learning in writing. The response I have written to make a career choice or Major, qualifies in most of the goals aimed at such writing. In Rhetorical Writing, my writing appeals to me and I think it is appealing to readers in the scenario of those who are on the verge of making important decisions in their life. I have achieved my purpose of writing as I have learnt some of my assets and have identified what I do not like as...
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Writing for Business

Writing for the academic environment is usually a matter of accomplishing or completing a task for class or for a specific subject. The end result will be to fulfill or satisfy some scholastic requirement, in order to successfully pass the class or course. Another result of such a writing is for the professor or the instructor to know how much you understand the subject, or for him of her to gauge your level of competence. On the other hand, when one writes for the professional or business environment, the result...
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Writing an essay: A process analysis essay

Contrary to proper belief, writing an essay is not an easy task. It requires good understanding power, with linguistic skills and an excellent ability for logical presentation.The first step towards a good essay is to be confident about one's linguistic skills. These can be acquired by reading books, magazines, journals etc. To write good e says continuously, one needs to develop reading as a habit. Once the topic of the essay is chosen, one needs to collect information on the subject. The main sources information are internet sites accessed throughpopular...
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Writing for me is no easy task. In fact I dare say that most often than not it is a source of constant frustration and mental agitation for me. There may be rare moments that when I look into the fine literary works of celebrated authors I deceived myself into believing that to write is perhaps easy. Yet I had come to realize that it is entirely a different matter when I write my own thoughts on paper than by just reading the works of others. Attending this class had...
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A journal article review

I retrieved the article that I will evaluate from the online database JSTOR. This database contains a lot of journal articles which a user can choose from, not only about medicine but also from other fields as well. Its vast content is probably the best feature that I like about this database, as simple keywords could have a lot of results in its search engine. Specifically, the articles I have retrieved have complete publication information which can be used to verify its contents. Also, the contents could be read online...
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How to Write a Narrative Essay?

In a narrative essay usually described an event which took place in someone's life. It could be an event of your life, of your best friend or of some significant person. In this paper, the author not only wants to show the order of actions but also to convey his feelings and attitudes towards them.The structure of such essay is pretty typical: Introduction (actually it is a prehistory) Main body (it combines 1 to 3 paragraphs, each of which must describe a specific idea or event) Conclusion (here you draw...
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Comparison and Contrast Essay for College Students

Writing a comparison and contrast essays is a frequent occurrence because they get thinking, analytic and writing abilities evolved. In this form of an essay, students need to analyze any two subjects, find and point out their similarities and differences. Such works can have only comparative character (paying attention only to similarities), or only contrasting one (finding the dissimilarities) or both comparison and contrast.Comparison essay - best ideas from EssayLabThere is a big variety of possible ideas for comparing and contrasting and ways of creating these articles. See the following...
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How To Write a Research Essay

First, comes the subject choice. It is quite easy to find some interesting research essay topics but if you had an amazing chance to make a choice yourself - do it! The process will be much more fascinating and enjoyable if you choose a topic you are into. The subject that will be written in your paper demands a good research. Choose some information resources – do not overlook to make a full citation in appropriate style. Write an introduction. Research essay topic ideas are to be stated here! Do...
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How to Write an Opinion Essay?

The main function of the essay is expressing the author's opinion. It is the fundamental basis for students to have such writing experience because it is the basic element of all exams.Opinion essay topics are usually based on the works of the classics of the literature, historical events or current problems of an economy, politics and nature. If you are to choose from many possible topics for opinion essays yourself – choose the one that touches you the most. Good opinion essay topics imply a deep knowledge of the problem.Structure:...
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Ideas of Good Persuasive Essay

People usually have a lot of ideas and statements to believe in. Some ideas are often considered to be more truthful and legitimate than others but this belief is always different when you ask different people. Surely, every person has a right to express his or her thoughts, and when doing it in the written form, we can speak about a persuasive essay.But it is not enough only to declare your view, people will not waste their time reading your opinion. Each position must be supported by some evidence, facts,...
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Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas for Students

Such type of an essay touches various questions. It depends on students' category. University attendees are often given the materials related to global problems of ecology, society or politics. It helps them to think more widely. For example, energy sources are always a good subject for writing. For college, there are quite similar propositions. Also, it is important to write about ethical and moral issues of our time. Nowadays, our society faces such problems as racial and sex-based discrimination, drug addiction, violence, etc. All these ideas are good for considering.For...
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