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Ideas of Good Persuasive Essay

11 Jul 2016Essay Types

Ideas of good persuasive essay

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People usually have a lot of ideas and statements to believe in. Some ideas are often considered to be more truthful and legitimate than others but this belief is always different when you ask different people. Surely, every person has a right to express his or her thoughts, and when doing it in the written form, we can speak about a persuasive essay.

But it is not enough only to declare your view, people will not waste their time reading your opinion. Each position must be supported by some evidence, facts, reasons, examples, and thoughts. Always pick a topic you are interested in and care about, it will be comfortable to write about the thing which is close to you, and moreover to persuade others that you are right. Besides, think about your readers. It is not a very nice idea to write about the topic, which is not acceptable by other people. Even if the subject seems to be the news of higher urgency for you, it never means that the rest of the world shares your opinion. When you are confident in the theme’s relevance and importance sit down and take a pen.

Depending on the audience we can speak about a plenty of great persuasive essay topics, for example:

  • College
  • High school
  • Middle school
  • For kids

College. Students in college are already formed personalities and are interested in different subjects. Of course, the scale of interest differs with gender, environment, intelligence, development, upbringing etc. The topic can be about education, entertainments, politics, relationships between students and parents, friends, classmates, teachers, innovations, technology, useful websites, animals, and others. A lot of students combine the study and the work, so they can have much more work-related interests. For example, you can ask yourself a question: am I satisfied with the nature of communication nowadays or maybe some technology innovations have affected the communication in a negative way? Listen to your thoughts and show the others your opinion.

High school. When you are a student at the school you also have a great deal of topics you care about. Many pupils are involved in different circles, for example, the pupil can be a member of a school football team or a dance group or be fascinated about school library and spend a bunch of time there reading interesting books. But the homework takes all their free time and you feel they have a lack of time to be engaged in doing things they really appreciate. So then you get the question how to deal with that problem and create a list of the best persuasive essay topics.

Middle school. First love, video games, friends and home tasks, parents that always tell what to do. What can be the possible pros and cons of having a dog? So many ideas and oppositions in their heads.

For kids. The child’s field of interests is narrower than student’s one, but it is also very important because every detail has an impact on kid’s future. The child goes to school and his uniform is terribly annoying him, he or she doesn’t like that everyone has the same appearance. So that is the problem and it needs a solution.

How to begin a persuasive speech

The idea must be outlined clearly and the text must consist of logically described evidence that supports your assertion. Here are some ideas on how to start the outline.

  • Sports – begin with its benefits, tell about achievements, champions, and health.
  • Medical – important are innovations, healthcare, prices etc.
  • Science – begin with some facts, history, famous scientists, dates.

List of persuasive techniques

The great persuasive essay has the introduction where the author summarizes opinions and offers the own one, the main part with details, facts, and points of view, and the conclusion with ideas of what should be done. Different techniques can be used during the writing.

  • Funny It can be a firm plus to use some jokes or amusing associations if they are appropriate, they may help to ease the tension between the writer and the reader.
  • Interesting Readers are always hunting for something interesting, never neglect the opportunity to tell the good facts or unique ideas.
  • Controversial We rarely understand the rightness of the thing until seeing the converse side, make people think and analyze, give them such «controversial right».
  • Popular You can talk all your life about funny, interesting and impressive facts, but consider the most important thing – all your ideas must be confirmed and approved by your auditory.
  • Unique In the world of automation and uniformity, only the uniqueness has a chance to be of value.
  • Creative Always be creative, only you can persuade people to the way anyone else can’t. Create the system that will allow the readers to persuade themselves.

Never be hesitant to change your subject of the persuasive essay when you feel such a necessity.

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