Comparison and Contrast Essay for College Students

Published 12 Jul 2016

Writing a comparison and contrast essays is a frequent occurrence because they get thinking, analytic and writing abilities evolved. In this form of an essay, students need to analyze any two subjects, find and point out their similarities and differences. Such works can have only comparative character (paying attention only to similarities), or only contrasting one (finding the dissimilarities) or both comparison and contrast.

Comparison essay – best ideas from EssayLab

There is a big variety of possible ideas for comparing and contrasting and ways of creating these articles. See the following comparison ideas:

  1. Compare movies (you should compare two movies looking at the dialogues, visuals, and character interaction)
  2. Poetry contrasts (such works help to analyze the similarities and dissimilarities of two different literary works)
  3. Art comparison (usually, this type is the most difficult for students, because they have to adequately analyze a piece of art and then compare it to another, and as we know art is controversial)
  4. Literary similarities & differences (you need to write an essay looking at two works by the one writer)
  5. Poem survey (you should reveal comparable or contrast ideas and structure of the poem looking at all aspects)

How to Start a Comparison Essay

In order to create a good piece of work, the main part is to choose a good comparison topic. It has to allow you to easily show your writing abilities and get a high mark without any hesitations. For the undoubted success, the subjects you’ve chosen must be easily comparable, so you will not overexert to reveal their similarities and contrasts.

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Writing a comparison essay includes going through several stages before you launch to write your article. Firstly, choosing issues that you can compare. Further, you should gather all your thoughts. You should build two columns where you can write down any similarities and differences that will be included in your text. Thirdly, make a literature research to provide yourself more information.

Start an article with a thorough introduction, which smoothly turns into thesis sentence. The introduction has to give readers a concept of what you want to show. As for an essay example, you can choose two teams or two government systems.

After, you need to find no less than three or four points on which they can be compared, using facts, research, and good-formed paragraphs. It will help to impress and capture your readers.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Choosing the topic There is a big variety of noted topics. On this stage, you need to not just pick the interesting topic which will be developed, but also to decide how widely it will be revealed.
  2. Brainstorming is very useful during researching so you will be provided with enough amount of information.
  3. Exploration and Analysis This stage includes gathering all your information about chosen topic. All the insignificant and pointless information can be disregarded while forming the body of the text.
  4. The sieve of topicality There all information is processed and all important ideas come forth so they are surely allocated in the work.
  5. Organizing This is where you should structurally format your essay. It should be a ready-for-execution comparison and contrast outline.
  6. Writing the essay Now you can begin working on your article using all information gathered before. Applying the already composed structure with a nice introduction, body and conclusion in an impartial, objective way.

By the way, you should be more attentive to the introduction of an article. It creates the first impression of your work to the reader.

Comparison and contrast essay introduction examples:

  • Macbeth
  • Romeo and Juliet

Let’s take as an example these two great works. “These two plays I have chosen are both tragedies. It is a story about the lesion and grief of the main characters. In the plays, there is a big variety of similarities and dissimilarities and particularly they have pretty different issues…”

Remember, writing a comparison essay is a nice skill that will be valuable to you in your studying career. You should more practice and you will get good results.

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