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Argumentative Essay Topics Ideas for Students

11 Jul 2016Essay Types

Argumentative essay topics ideas for students

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Such type of an essay touches various questions. It depends on students’ category. University attendees are often given the materials related to global problems of ecology, society or politics. It helps them to think more widely. For example, energy sources are always a good subject for writing. For college, there are quite similar propositions. Also, it is important to write about ethical and moral issues of our time. Nowadays, our society faces such problems as racial and sex-based discrimination, drug addiction, violence, etc. All these ideas are good for considering.

For middle school students, debate subjects should be easier. They may choose a problem related to their school system. They can write about school bullying, a level of education in school, teacher competence, etc.

Almost the same in high school. They write about issues that bother them or simply are most interesting.

Kids have totally different proposals for argumentative essay topics. It should be funny and creative for them. Because usually children don’t like to write texts and feel bored. So it is important to have them write a funny piece. For example, how many sweets should kids eat daily?

Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics

There is a major assortment of good writing topics but most important is to choose the one to which you have at least three well-founded points of view.

  • It is not obligatory to have a serious theme. It could be funny as well and regarded as a joke. For example, “Should Russians finally bury Lenin?”.
  • You can choose a debatable and controversial topic. “Does sports keep teens out of trouble?” is an interesting issue that has as much pros as cons.
  • The definition of a good argumentative essay is based on the topic that bothers you the most. For example, “Does education have to be expensive?” or “School bullying can stimulate other student’s development”.
  • Such unique essays as “Is our generation the most immoral?” or “Is pacifism a utopia or the only way to safe future?” will play in your favor.
  • The easiest topics also worthy of attention. For example, “Is graffiti an art?” or “What is love?”. These questions don’t seem too complicated but have so much to tell about.
  • The best topic could be “Older people raise better parents”. It is a specific issue and will be interesting to hear teen’s opinions.
  • It would be a great idea to write about “How beauty industry impacts the girls”.
  • Also, you can touch such popular issue as “Advertising of harmful products”.
  • Such original essays as “Smokers are more communicative than non-smokers” will be appropriate too.
  • To make your essay creative prove that “Blondes are actually smart”.

Topics for Argumentative Essays

Controversial articles often concern the main public matters:

  • Sports have become main entertainment field and have a big influence on people. How much is it justified?
  • Ethical issues about abortion, addictive substances or government corruption are still relevant.
  • Create a casual controversial essay to explore in your text why an event has occurred or keeps happening, why people do the things the way they do.
  • How fair and effective the current system of criminal justice is? See more in Government and Law Essays
  • Medical question is also relevant in our century of drug addiction and incurable diseases. See more in Health Essays
  • You can write on a big variety of different argumentative essay topics about technologies because people have long ago started to replace human labor with robots. 
  • Evaluation is also a good point. You can evaluate animal rights or how the violence in the media impacts the minds of children.
  • Counter arguments are often used in papers. It is an argument that goes against your own one.
  • History is the most well-known sphere to write about.
  • Fabulous subject ideas for the dispute articles are about science.
  • Creating a strong topic on psychology is easier than you could imagine.

Interesting argumentative essay topics for college students could be regarding the global warming, which will estimate this problem and offer some ways of solution. For youth could be interesting pop culture essay. This question brings up some very specific ramifications and worth considering. Domestic violence essay may be a very urgent topic for students because a lot of them have either gone through this or witnessed in one way or the other. Topics for a Rogerian argument essay is a common task for students. It works to find common thesis between opposing viewpoints.

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