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The Synthesis of Zinc Iodide (ZnI2)

Zinc iodide, ZnI2, is a while (hydrated) or yellow (dry), granular, odorless, hygroscopic (absorbs water in the atmosphere) solid compound that is soluble in water (1g:0.3 mL water). It turns to brown when exposed to heat or sunlight, showing decomposition with release of iodine gas (DeMeo, 1995, p. 836). It is extensively used in the laboratory to illustrate the Law of Definite Proportions and Law of Conservation of Mass, two of which are the foundations of chemical reactions and basis of stoichiometry.Students Very Often Tell EssayLab professionals:I need to write...
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Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. He was born in the Soviet Union. I choose this man for my research because I am interested in the history of the space exploration. I am going to research the story of the first cosmonaut's life, what background he had and what contributed to his achievement, what difficulties he had to face and how he coped with the burden of fame.First I am going to learn where Gagarin was born and what education he had obtained. I am also interested in...
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Your Inner Fish

As the chairman of the Department of Anatomy, University of Chicago, Shubin insists for us to trust that his discoveries are credible. In the third chapter of Your Inner Fish, he claims to have found genetic evidence for similarities between humankind and the animal kingdom. He links his archaeological discoveries with the development of limbs in human beings, and subsequently with DNA and genes, the work of the retinoic fluid and ZPA. Indeed, it is believable. Even the believers of God who have blatantly rejected the theory of evolution may...
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Americans and The World Map

A developed country takes anchor on the fact that its citizenry is well informed and highly educated people. Education breeds well informed individuals. Democracy and development stands at par with information since democracy stands under the premise that its citizens are intelligent enough to make their own decisions and are capable of leading the country towards development (Study in the USA, 2008).. As shown by the increasing influx of immigrants here in the United States taking a shot at the American dream, it is evident that they find our country...
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The Best in Brain Imaging

For years, brain imaging techniques had been developed since the time when human organs and skeletons were seen using X-ray, many doctors understood the need to identify and see inside the body without any surgical procedure done. X-rays were launched to display either two dimensional or three dimensional views of any part of the body. The tool known as “Computerized Tomography" or CT was the most popular imaging technique not until “Magnetic Resonance Imaging" or MRI came into the scene. It seemed that nothing could bit CT procedure and only...
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Running Head: X-Rays

X-Rays are the rays of short wavelength. X-Radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation composed of X-rays. X-Rays poses greater wavelength than gamma rays but shorter than Ultra Violet rays. X-Rays are also known as Roentgen Radiation (Peter, 1995). X-Rays are being used in number of fields; they are widely used for Radiography & Crystallography. X-Rays are form of ionizing radiation & can be dangerous in some cases. Patients usually wear metal sheet while facing X-Rays to weaken the harmful effects.X-rays are similar to visible light rays. X-rays are wavelike...
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The Ethics of Xenotransplantation

Technology has come up with a lot of advances and further development in the lives of humans. Continued efforts of scientists, engineers and other professionals to design and develop tools to address the specific needs of people brought numerous recognitions from those who benefitted on their study. Though research and development, they came up with the realization of ideas and made what was impossible a few years ago. As a result many problems were resolved because of these inventions and ingenuities that humans established.People Frequently Tell EssayLab specialists:How much do...
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The Technology Industry

In the technology industry, operation and financial aspect is definitely are major concern of the web corporations. In this industry, the actual business practice is widely influence by various forces in able survive its competition. Nevertheless, the technology is one of the most influential industries on its stakeholders.Operation in technology industry, on the other hand, was constantly influenced by the ever changing condition of the industry. Web Corporation's operating power can be enhance through continuous update and upgrade of its system. With the fact that technology industry is obsolescence in...
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The geometry of a molecule

The geometry or shape of a molecule has a signifcant effect on the physical properties of the molecule. The chirality of carbon can determine its optical activity. Even if two compounds are of the same formula, one compound could be transparent the other opaque just because of a slight difference in geometry. The cis and trans configurations of fatty acids affect the melting point even if the fatty acids have similar formulas. The trans-fatty acids have a relatively high melting point and are likely to acculmulate and clog arteries as...
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Renewable Energy

Most of the world`s industries are run by fuel. One of the popular sources of fuel is the fossil fuels which is a form of non-renewable energy. Fossil fuels are carbon-based fuels formed from the plants and animals that lived over 300 million years ago and deposited underneath the earth 's surface. The fuels are burned in order to release the stored chemical energy. Energy is important in the contemporary society as it enables us to perform the functions of the industries.Despite the importance of the fossil fuels, environmental advocates...
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Is the World Flat? An Analysis of Workflow Software

1. Workflow software does the jobs that human beings do not want to be bothered with or cannot logistically do on their own. Workflow software provides a way for computers to “achieve their highest potential" so that humans can address more important tasks (White, 2003). Workflow software has become so common that many people do not realize just how many tasks it does within the computer in order to make technology more applicable and easy to use. Further, workflow software enables humans to save time by “automating routines and sub...
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Real-time, 3-D X-ray Images May Soon Be a Reality

In the practice of Medicine, X-ray imaging plays a major role in the diagnosis of a patient. Mostly used in emergency situations, it is also widely utilized during medical operation procedures, treating irregularities of organs such as the heart, liver, brain, and others. It is an ideal option for the doctors in having a seeming first hand vision of the internal organs of the patient needing immediate treatment.However, one of the apparent impediments of X-ray machines in the medical profession has been the time frame needed for the film to...
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Wireless Video Applications

The paper “Wireless Video Applications in 3G and Beyond" provides thorough examination and evaluation of wireless video applications which are expected to go to the technology market in 3G mobile networks. The paper addresses mainly error control technologies in view of “wireless video". Several related 3GPP standards are introduced for readers in order to provide better understanding of wireless technologies. Actually, the authors pay attention to circuit-switch multimedia telephony, multimedia messaging services, multimedia broadcast service and, finally, end-to-end packet-switched streaming. It is necessary to admit that those technologies are discussed...
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Wireless modems

Wireless modems are communication devices that provide a possibility for a system to connect to the network without any physical cables, like in the case of Ethernet cables. A wireless modem connects to a wireless network instead of to the telephone system. When connecting with a wireless modem, a system is attached directly to the wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Internet browsing becomes available. Wireless modems operate at speeds comparable to dialup modems, not anywhere near the speed of broadband Internet connections.The connection is performed through wireless local area...
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Windows Vista vs Windows XP

The comparison to Windows Vista and XP is that Windows Vista is a lot more safe, reliable and has better features and benefits than Windows XP. Microsoft really outdone themselves by creating such a masterpiece when they created Windows Vista. The features of Windows Vista lets you get your work finished in a shorter amount of time and lets you be safe while you are working on a project. Also, you can invite people to work with you by sharing your documents, notes and other useful data only with the...
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