Windows Vista vs Windows XP

Published 15 Jun 2017

The comparison to Windows Vista and XP is that Windows Vista is a lot more safe, reliable and has better features and benefits than Windows XP. Microsoft really outdone themselves by creating such a masterpiece when they created Windows Vista. The features of Windows Vista lets you get your work finished in a shorter amount of time and lets you be safe while you are working on a project. Also, you can invite people to work with you by sharing your documents, notes and other useful data only with the people that you invite.

The Features of Windows Vista are:

1. Communication

2. Gaming

3. Memories

4. Music

5. Productivity

6. TV & Movies

7. Easier

8. More Entertaining

9. Better Connected

10. Safer

11. Connected for Small Businesses

12. Efficient for Small Businesses

13. Future Ready for Small Businesses

14. Safer for Small Businesses

The editions you can get with Windows Vista are:

1. Home Basic

2. Home Premium

3. Ultimate

4. Business

The features that you get with Windows XP are:

1. Digital Photography

2. Games for Windows

3. Making movies

4. Music and video

5. TV and multimedia

6. Instant messaging

7. Security and privacy

8. Computer setup and maintenance

9. Home and small office networking

10. Pen and ink

11. Working remotely

12. Accessibility

13. Internet tips

With the comparison to the features of Windows Vista and Windows XP, there really is no comparison at all. Windows Vista gives you the security that you need to surf the Internet safer, faster, more reliable and with the new Quick Tabs feature in Windows Vista, you can look at multiple browser windows simultaneously.

Windows Vista lets you collaborate with up to ten other people by inviting them so you can work on a project together to get the work completed much faster and safer without any intrusion from outside sources. This is a feature called Windows Meeting Space. All you have to do is look up your friends, co-workers and other people that you want to share information with and it does the rest. You do not even have to be connected to the Internet for this to work.

You can surf more safely with the new integrated design of Windows Vista by not allowing unwanted users or other unknown outside sources to have access to your personal data and other important information that you want to keep safe. You can also set the parental controls to keep your children off of certain websites or to keep them from playing certain games online even when you are away.

You can set the rules for allowing your children time spent on the computer. If you like gaming, then Windows Vista allows you to enjoy gaming much more better by allowing you to get into the game with its realistic 3-D effects. With the new DirectX 10 included, you can even plug in an X-Box 360 controller and enjoy playing games. If you have pictures or like to take pictures, you can easily save your precious memories. If you have hundreds if not thousands of pictures on your computer, Windows Vista allows you to look for your pictures by date, place, person or star rating and find them at a glance. You can transfer your pictures to your computer easily and faster than Windows XP. Also, you can reduce the red eye affect and turn your photos into a slide show movie for everyone in your family to see.

With Windows Media Player 11, you can listen to music, create different tracks of your favorite music tracks and burn them to a CD or you can just create a list of songs with Media Player 11 and be your own D.J. Invite friends and family over to have that perfect party with a mix of different styles of music.

Windows Vista lets you get things done more easier, safer, faster and it is more reliable. You can be more entertained, get better connected and be more relaxed than using windows XP The benefits of Windows XP are really nothing compared to Windows Vista. Windows XP benefits are almost the same as Windows Vista, but Windows Vista offers a lot more reliability. It is more convenient, safer, you get better connected, you can do a lot more with Windows Vista. You don’t have to worry about where your children are going on the Internet when you are not at home, so you can have that peace of mind knowing that your children are not going to unwanted or illegal websites without your permission. Makes for a great night out. With Windows Vista Home Premium, you get the same features of the Home Basic, but you are a lot more safer, you get your work done easier, more entertaining, better connected.

Windows Vista Ultimate and Business editions blow windows XP Home and Pro out of the water. With the Ultimate Edition, you get all the same features of Vista Home and Premium, but you can surf the Inetrnet much more safer, faster and more reliable without any interruptions from outside sources. The Business Edition allows businesses to be better connected, safer, easier and grows when your business is ready to grow.

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