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Hybrid Сars

In this fast paced society, it cannot be helped that invention after invention has been aimed to even put man to further convenience. Everything he owns and does is through a minimized process and sometimes through a simle push of a button or turn of the ignition key. However, this convenience for man also brought about adverse environmental consequences. Global warming and pollution threatens to extinguish the entire human population. With the rising problem, man tried to bring out his clever nature and invented a piece that would help solve...
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The Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia Accidents

It has been claimed that the engineers were to blame for both the Challenger and Columbia Space Shuttle accidents and we shall, therefore, look into the failure on the part of management and the extent to which they are responsible for the failures of the two missions.Space programs have enormous implications, pressure and expectations as regards the result as in countries like America the whole is usually watching. This paper I will argue that the decision-making power on whether to launch or not should be made by the engineers and...
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Special Education and Special Needs

Special education is the mode of teaching based on an individual rather than a group. It is systematically planned and maintained to serve the needs of a student or learner who has special learning needs.This mode of teaching include adopted varied materials and equipments, different accessible settings and other interventions that are distinctively designed to assist learners with special needs in fulfilling greatest personal self-reliance and success in the institution of learning and community at large.University Students Usually Tell Us:I'm not in the mood to write my paper. Because I...
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Theory or theoretical perspective in the research

1. What theory or theoretical perspective was used in the research?The research was based on the theory that foreign-born children and adolescents relatively have a harder time adjusting and academically performing in U.S. schools as compared to other native or U.S. born students. The research built on previous research indicating that foreign-born teens are relatively less successful than native-born teens. This is the presumption that they often come from disadvantaged families and are subject to the dislocation that comes with moving. They have to be able to adjust culturally, socially,...
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Jurassic Park

The amount of researching process done to establish a clear outlook of the story for Jurassic Park is one of its strongest points in terms of film quality. For those people who are not really familiar with how dinosaurs were like based on physical characteristics, the film was able to present a very interesting way of reliving the passion of humans in discovering the life forms which existed millions of years ago. The technique of the writer, as well as the director to incorporate the major players in the dinosaur...
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Climate Change Essay

Climate Change seemed to be a common term as perhaps everyone even a ten-year-old kid may have an idea of what is it. However, Climate change that scientists are talking and worries are certainly different from the concept that many people have. Climate differs from weather and it changes naturally. The Climate Change referred in this paper is the global warming of weather temperature due to the Greenhouse effect because of increased greenhouse concentrations in the atmosphere. The global climate change according to Eileen and Vicki Arroyo Cochran is largely...
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Education Essay

Learning the hard wayEducational gender gap and religion and its impact on growthUntil now, various contentions as to whether religious institutions helped develop the human capital of any woman population in every country around the world still prevailed. And most of the time, the answers were insufficient, at times revolting and contradictory. However, the relationship between religion and women empowerment in this countries can be seen in educational institutions and how it has contributed to growth. The latter is characterized by economic growth coinciding with the continuous development of the...
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Beijing Car Ban Improves Air Quality

I. State what the article was about. What is the main point of the article?The article “Beijing Car Ban Improves Air Quality" tackles the effect on the city's air quality of a trial traffic ban in Beijing, China. The author Anita Chang wanted to highlight the fact that despite high humidity that barred the visibility of the improvement, Beijing's air quality improved in the four days that the traffic ban was in place, with the air pollution index seesawing up and down between 93 and 95.II. Give your reaction to...
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Sustainable Development Environmental Science

Sustainable development is a concept that is now embraced by all nations in the whole world. According to the Bruntland Report definition adopted by agenda 21 Convention, sustainable development," Is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs." Sustainable development is important. Studies have revealed that efficient and effective implementations of sustainable development enrich the world and endow it with great wealth thus sustaining diverse life forms.Long before the introduction of “sustainable development" concept, many proponents...
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Human Evolution

This research paper seeks to present the different arguments in support of and against the Theory of EvolutionEvolution is one of the most controversial topics of our time. Almost two hundred years since the theory was first proposed by Charles Darwin, it is still being contested not only among members of the scientific community but by conservative Christians who want the Theory of Creation to be taught in schools just like the Theory of Evolution. It must, however, be stressed that unlike the Theory of Creation, the theory of Evolution...
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Global Food Trade and Genetic Engineering

The United States of America has a growing population whose demand for food is also growing making global food trade indispensable. The trade comes about when one region has to bring in what they cannot produce and sell what they produce in excess. The fifty states of America import and export fruits and vegetables based on what they can produce. Generally, the U.S imports more than half of all its vegetables and melons from Mexico. Another reason for the imports is because of the seasonal production that is usually done...
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Environmental Protection and Foreign Policy

Environmental policy debates have evolved considerably over the past four decades, moving from the political fringe, through a Manichean phase pitting “the public interest" against ‘‘capitalist greed," and finally into the mainstream, where environmental policies could be considered on their merits rather than as symbols. If in fact, we are all environmentalists now, the central issues today are what works, what does not, and what it costs.Historically, environmental rules and regulations were primarily made at the sale or local level on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the emergence of...
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Offshore Drilling

Fossil fuels, which include oil, coal and natural gas, are nonrenewable sources of energy (California Energy Commission). These came from diatoms, creatures like planktons, that died billions of years ago and their bodies were buried under heavy sedimentation throughout time (California Energy Commission). Somehow, these creatures were preserved by nature with their energies intact, and gradually they became what we now call fossil fuels (California Energy Commission). The fossil fuel, oil, is considered to be one of the most needed products in the world.In the United States alone, oil consumption...
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The Unity As Effective Mechanism Towards Developmenta

A fundamental resource for the future of the world is the oneness humanity. The unity has been regarded as the most effective mechanism towards development. It encompasses almost every aspect of life such as politics, economics, social and cultural affairs, international relations, preceded inevitably by a personal development. This could be reached through the oneness of mankind universal peace upheld by one government independent investigation of truth the common foundation of all religions the essential harmony of science and religion equality of men and women elimination of prejudice of all...
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