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Summary “You Are Not a Stranger Here”

Chapter 1 - Notes to My BiographerIn this chapter, the main character alternately provides the reader with history and symptoms. The story begins with the man in an apparent frenetic driving spree where he tries to visit and contact numerous friends and relatives. He is driving his niece's car and she clearly has no idea that he has taken it for this extended trip. He describes a series of extreme behaviors, up and down. At the time of this story, he is apparently on the up swing. However, he talks...
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Comparative Essay: Zora and Baldwin

Comparison is made when there are points and issues for comparison and when something is common between them. While comparing, it goes without saying that what is not similar about them, the essential differences, need also to be told. Presently, the comparison is between selections from The Best American Essays of the Century: 'How It Feels to Be Colored Me' by Zora Neale Hurston (pages 114-17) and 'Notes of a Native Son' by James Baldwin (pages 220-38).Both are African-Americana writers. The essays are personal narratives. They are autobiographical and coming...
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Zora Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston was talented folklorist and novelist. Her fame rests on the collection of African American folklore "Mules and Men" written in 1935. Her most famous novel written in 1937 is "Their Eyes Were Watching God". In this novel she described a journey of African American woman for her self-realization. She was a daughter of Reverend John and Lucy Hurston, was born on January 7, 1891. Her first place to live was Notasulga, Alabama. Zora has lost her mother in her early nine. Her father married second time some...
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Zora Hurson’s ‘Sweet’ and Andre Dubus ‘Killing’

Zora Hurson's 'Sweet' and Andre Dubus ' Killing' presents similar yet also contrasting stories of love and hatred and commitment. Hurson's Sweet' talks about a marriage relationship in which the love that once felt by the couple had faded and all that was left were infidelity, and unfairness on the part of the man. Hurson's essay depicts a woman struggle in living with a husband who does not really love his wife. In a sense, the story brings to light the feelings of both the man and the wife in...
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Zora Neal Hursto as an author

If one ponders the basic constructs of human civilization, it becomes apparent that society was set up to compete with the rest of Nature for food, power, and control. This creates a state in which the human animal feels alienated from the natural world. However, the continual separation of humanity from Nature is just nothing more than an illusion, as humanity can never be separated from their natural environment.This is an oft-forgotten fact of life, and one that scientists, philosophers, and artists have persisted in communicating through their work. And,...
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A Book Report: Zero Coupon by Paul Erdman

When Zero Coupon by Paul Erdman opens the main character, William (Willy) F. Saxton has just completed a three year plus one day sentence at the white-collar Federal Correctional Institution in Pleasanton, California for improprieties while selling junk bonds (Erdman). There is nothing illegal about selling junk bonds per se, but Erdman does not reveal the specific nature of Willy's crimeOur Customers Very Often Tell Us:How can I order education essay online?EssayLab specialists advise: Ask Us To Write My Paper And Get Professional HelpCoursework Writing Service OnlineTerm Paper Writing Service...
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Zane: Her Life and Writings

Zane is Kristina Laferne Roberts, an African American author of erotic fiction. She is the daughter of a former elementary school teacher and a world-renowned theologian who authored nearly two dozen books. Zane was born and lives in Washington D.C. She has three children, and describes her life as "very boring" ("Zane"). All the same, she makes her books so interesting for her readers that between the years 2000 and 2004, eight of her sexually charged novels had been published; nearly three million copies had been sold; and even though...
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Your favorite theorist

Neil J. Salkind is my favorite theorist. He has written a series of books including an introduction to Theories of Human Development. Neil Salkind having taught at the University of Kansas for about 30 years in the psychology department has a diversified form of knowledge on human development. He is an active member in the society for research in Child Development. In this book he examines the development process by looking into a number of changes that happen as a result of interactions between the environmental and biological factors. He...
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Young Goodman Brown: A Depiction on Puritan Life

Known to be a grandson of a Puritan, Nathaniel Hawthorne can be called credible to know about the beliefs and practices of a Puritan family. He is well aware of the teachings and laws of Puritans regarding Christianity and family life. In his short story entitled Young Goodman Brown, he took a bold move in criticizing the Puritans. With the theme of sin and temptation, Hawthorne emphasized that even Puritans, despite their strong faith on good work and morality, are still susceptible in giving into temptation and sin. They are...
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Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne is a critically acclaimed author in world literature. He gained recognition as the writer behind the novel The Scarlet Letter. However, Hawthorne also penned many short stories, those which he is best known for. One of those short stories was Young Goodman Brown.Students Very Often Tell Us:I need to write a 1200-word cold war essay. But I don't have the timeEssayLab professionals propose: Essay Help Provided Here With Beneficial Facilities!The story revolves someone named Goodman Brown, a young man who had been married for three months and was...
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Young Goodman Brown’s walk

Young Goodman Brown's walk into the forest is a type of a general unstated story, which represents a man's irrational forces, which makes him to live his faith, his own security and home temporarily under whatever circumstances so that he can take part in one trip into the woods of temptations. Young Goodman Brown has also of curiosity to find what lies in the depth of the forest. He acts as the hero in this story as he even leaves his pretty young wife. This curiosity makes him makes him...
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Young Goodman Brown

Young Goodman Brown was written by American writer Nathaniel Hawthome. The story took place in New England which has been a common setting for Hawthome's works during the 1800s. The story took place on one late evening in the seventeenth century in Massachusetts. Young Goodman Brown was to leave his wife, Faith, for three months for him to meet a mysterious figure in the forest.Undergraduates Frequently Tell EssayLab specialists:Where can I get help for writing euthanasia essay?EssayLab professionals suggest: Professionals Are Creating Successful College Custom Essays!It is implied in the...
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Running head: Iliad and Medea

Pride is known to be a double-edged concept, it could be either good or bad for us. The former is something that one should uphold, while the former is just a glorified form of stubbornness. There are people who should take pride in the way they are living, and there are people who should swallow their pride. Although pride is a common term, it has remained an abstraction and definitions seem to lack full grasp of the concept. Fortunately, humanity was endowed with the gift of mythology. Mythologies are fabled...
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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

In the short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, there are several examples of symbolism. In a story that seems to be self-inspired, Gilman's main character is fighting the clingy, overprotective husband and his pushy treatments for her "ailment". Gilman's character is also battling against a closed-minded society that would rather hide her away in a closet than to accept her for who she is. The narrator is unable to do anything for herself, and her husband seems to think it better for her to be locked away...
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Yet Do I Marvel

The poem Yet Do I Marvel is written by Countee Cullen seemingly addressed to God. It connects human situations like the discrimination of black people, and punishments anchored in Greek mythologies to the existence of God."I doubt not God is good, well-meaning, kind..." is an allusion to popular Christian belief that God is good, and the greatest, which was also acknowledged by the poet. However, in the progress of his poem, he showed his loose attachment to Christian faith. Even if he was apparently praising God for the explanations He...
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