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Psychology and Prison Experiments

Among the number of "reinforcements" identifiable in the Stanford Prison experiment, the Milgram experiment, and the Abu Ghraib prison events are the presence of an increasing scheme of punishments or corresponding aspects thereof coupled by an increasing volume in terms of repetition. Since "reinforcements" are forms of consequences which result to behaviors with a higher frequency to occur, it can be noted that the two experiments along with the Abu Ghraib incident indicate the use of "negative reinforcement".People Often Tell EssayLab professionals:I've procrastinated to write my comparison and contrast essay...
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Meaningful experiences in life

The daily life experiences that every individual in this world comes across with contribute to the development of the self. These experiences do not only come in a single strand nor pattern. Quite on the contrary, what makes these experiences contributive to the welfare of humanity is because these encounters come in various forms and in differing content. A well-rounded personality, then, can be achieved, though strictly limited, to the variety in the experiences that individuals get to have in their lives.As much as I strongly believe in the idea...
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The Decline in Proper Communication

Technology has indeed proven its powerful and still growing innovation in the existence of one of the world's most accessible communication tool, text messaging. It is with no doubt that communication nowadays is almost as easily achievable and quick as telepathy. With the tips of your fingers, you can already communicate your messages to friends and loved-ones despite the threatening barriers of distance.Linda W. Braun, the author of "Teens, Technology and Literacy: Or, Why Grammar Isn't Always Bad", defines text messaging as, "Sometimes known as texting, text messaging refers to...
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Moving on after Regret

Life is not life if it doesn't experience any regret. However, regrets can become either inspiration to move forward, or loads that interfere with your present contentment and restrict your future. It's a good thing if regrets serve as a challenge in our daily existence.People tend to look back and realize keenly the failures and let pass opportunities that might have significantly improve his life events. Like this people, I am not different to others that glance back at the past and realized some missed opportunities and wrong decisions I...
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World Hummanities

Henrik Ibsen's realistic drama A Doll's House exposes the follies of the Victorian society in general and the false life led by many women in particular. Though considered very revolutionary in his times, Ibsen boldly presents a strong case for women's equality and their right to lead their own life through the character of Nora. Nora's self perception as a doll leading a doll's life justifies the title of the drama. However, her final rebellion at the end of the drama to lead an independent life can be traced earlier...
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Working Psychology: Understanding the Art of Framing

Based from my understanding, I believe that two kinds of frames were used or can be inferred from the situation. The first one was a little obvious: the salesman was using the contrast frame against Milhouse. By shifting the attention of my co-worker (Milhouse) from the original price of the product to a more refined version of the price of the product, the salesman was able to change his decision-making abilities and had exactly set it for him himself. In other words, the salesman made my co-worker see the product...
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Work Motivation

Recent research reveals that good performance on the job is closely related to motivation. In fact, according to Tosi, Mero, and Rizzo (2000) “… motivation is an explanation of why some organizations are more productive than others" (p. 123). An understanding of the various factors that play a role in work motivation and influence performance is crucial to employers.Therefore, over the years work motivation has been the focal point of many studies as organizations recognize its value and give it due importance.According to Pinder, “Work motivation is a set of...
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Women and Dating

What is dating? How do we understand it? What are some of the reasons women date? Whom should we date? Where should we go for dating? What should we do on a date? How far may we go in our touching and kissing? Where do we draw the line? How do we know where to draw the line? These are questions we hope to tackle.Speaking of dating, it is just recent in origin, as no record in ancient writings about it. It is a development of the past few hundred...
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Women and Men

As human beings, there are some aspects in our thought that we can't account for why we particularly think that way. Sometimes, we discover we have some preconceived ideas about a group of people, an issue or about a thing, not knowing what informs our perspective of the issue we are thinking of. When this happens, then we have a stereotype about the idea in question.Stereotypes can be said to be fixed ideas about a thing, concept, or a group of people as a result of an oversimplification of certain...
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People’s Trust to the Government

The government has its own roles and obligations to the society and to its own people. Every decision of the government is vital to the decisions or point of view of its people or to the public. There are many causes for the public not to trust the government and these are more likely due to what the public perceives in the news, papers, etc. Some are true but some are also half –truth and worst some are lies just to make good public impressions. Although some causes for the...
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Relationship between man and woman

Relationship between man and woman and their complications, this is the theme of the three texts “Why I want a wife" by Judy Brady, “Love must not be forgotten" by Zhang Jie, and “In the end, we are all light", by Liz Rosenberg (1986). The first text is a satire of the roles of wife as ideally enumerated by the author. The second is an exploration of representation, gender, sexuality, and female autonomy (Gillette, 2003). In the last text, the status of love and sacrifice between man and woman is...
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Why People Commit Crimes

IntroductionAround the world, crime remains a plague that affects every human society. The said plague affects people of all ages and of all economic status in the society. In fact, the following reports particularly helps in proving this particular truth:“Brazil . . . ," we read, “seemed engulfed in a wave of violence and crime."University Students Often Tell Us:How much do I have to pay someone to write my paper in time?Essay writers suggest: Find Brilliant Papers For Sale HereWest Germany reports: Crimes involving narcotics increased between 1969 and 1970...
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Why Kids Kill

AbstractTime and time again, just when we think that the world is finally becoming a better place, we are shocked with news of brutality committed by children. We do wonder, what's become of the kids who are supposed to be spending their days watching cartoons and playing with the kids around the neighborhood. Who has robbed them of that childhood innocence? Are we, youth and adults who make up the rest of the world partly to be blamed? This essay will discuss the factors which influence kids to move down...
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Why is there more violent and aggressive behavior

Today more than ever, violence committed by the young is rampant. School shootings have been repeatedly occurring. School bullying continues to be a problem on the rise. Fraternities are also becoming a major problem. Individually, small-time violence has been happening all throughout. The families, friendships, and organizations with which the young are members are becoming prey to violence everyday. Why has the youth of the United States become violent and aggressive?In 2003, there were 9.6 million arrests made according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Sixteen percent of these arrests...
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Why We Do What We Do When We Do What We Do

We do the things we do because we perceive that it is to our benefit to do these things, and, as in Deci and Flaste's (1996) further assertion, the perception of intrinsic motivation and autonomy plays a key role in fostering individual well-being. Although there are claims to self-sacrificing actions, it is my belief that all behavior is self-centered behavior, and that each of us acts with our individual self-interests uppermost in our minds.Whether we respond to a particular stimulus or not depends on how we interpret the self-interest value...
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