Meaningful experiences in life

Published 20 Sep 2017

The daily life experiences that every individual in this world comes across with contribute to the development of the self. These experiences do not only come in a single strand nor pattern. Quite on the contrary, what makes these experiences contributive to the welfare of humanity is because these encounters come in various forms and in differing content. A well-rounded personality, then, can be achieved, though strictly limited, to the variety in the experiences that individuals get to have in their lives.

As much as I strongly believe in the idea that experiences shape the personality of a person in many different ways, these experiences can serve as a meaningful chapter in our lives as much as they have been significant to on my part. As far as my memory would not fail me, I do attest to the idea that experiences teach the individual person about being a steward of the gifts and talents that the self possesses. By having the full knowledge that these experiences contribute in a large part in the molding of the ability of the individual in bringing forth a rather full control or, at least, a strong grasp on one’s abilities to his or her advantage, their meanings would be far clear enough.

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Being an active member of science and math clubs, the tasks being delegated to the members in being able to arrive at a successful drive in achieving every assigned goal for the following weeks and months were not as easy as they first seemed to be. I thought being a part of the community of enthusiasts in both math and science will not bring a great deal of improvement to my character not only as a student but as an individual, a living being conscious of the self as a whole. But I proved myself wrong for the reason that the opposite thing happened. Eventually, the membership that I had in these clubs has led to an increase not only in my knowledge but also with my ability to respond immediately and efficiently to the delegated tasks not only on a school-level but also on a personal scale. What I got from being one of the members in the club was the training—and this helped me a lot along the way.

I became more adept at handling my school tasks and household chores after attending meetings in the club that appeared to test my ability to handle situations that are bent towards trying out my personality. Never did it appear before my consciousness that being an active constituent of the organization can lead to a refinement of my personality and skills. In the end, the once unimagined circumstance in my life eventually turned into reality, bolstering my faith in myself as an individual and keeping my spirits alive and my confidence to a useful degree.

An intervening experience supplemented to the positive consequences that the club has given me along the way. As I became the house captain in our boarding house, my skills proved useful in being the leader in the house, especially when making decisions that will affect the entire boarders in a positive light. The decision-making skills, confidence and determination that I was able to refine for myself during the time of my membership in the club held a substantial role in my role as the house captain.

Not only did my refined skills and attitude became useful to us during times of dilemmas and crucial moments of deciding who is going to do what chore, these factors also became a part of what I was able to impart to my fellow boarders. In a way, I have inspired them to do the same thing, to acquire the enhancements in their positive characteristics, and to use their meaningful experiences to have full control of their abilities and gifts.

Eventually, my experiences also seeped into the days when I play soccer, especially when the game itself turns out filled with intense decisions, churning up my guts to arrive at the correct option in order to make the team win not only for the sake of having fun but, far more importantly, for the sake of gaining a more meaningful experience as well. Playing soccer is not as easy as it may look on televisions or sports magazines. Quite on the contrary, it requires a lot of determination, patience, and mental endurance. These are some of the qualities that I was able to further mold into myself as a member of the science and math club and as the house captain in our boarding house. And by utilizing these traits whenever I play soccer, I am able to help my team win and help myself gain more personal experience and develop my personality all the more not only as a soccer enthusiast but also as a person capable of using meaningful experiences into the context of the daily circumstances with life.

My ability to speak a bit of German and French has also contributed to my dealings with other people. By being able to communicate effectively with others through language, my experience has broadened, compensated in no small way by the conversations that I had. It is one of the meaningful experiences in my life like those that I have previously mentioned largely because it gave me the chances of being able to communicate and pour out my sentiments and understanding with other people who either speaks French or German.

All of these experiences have shared a great fraction in my life in the sense that these served as the factors upon which I was able to steward my gifts and talents, refining these two along the way as my level of experience proportionally increase day after day. With the daily encounters that come across my way, I am able to contemplate on my personality and realign myself with these meaningful experiences so that I become guided as to what decisions I ought to pursue in my life. Such an understanding is of great use and help, as it has been back in the days when I was just starting in the science and math club, and, as far as I see it, nothing is as potent and as equally practical than having a wide range of experiences upon which one can be able to base his or her crucial decisions in life. These meaningful experiences have taught me a lot in my existence in the society at large and in stewarding my abilities and gifts.


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