Life in the Military

Published 08 Dec 2016

One can live a normal life, enjoy and learn while in the military just as anyone else. Life in the military needs an open approach and understanding on how to cope with the challenges that come with the military operations.

Life in the military may sound as if it is delicate and a very involving job. It is important however to note that as much as the experience may be different in various people, there are good points and bad points about it. It is encouraging to note that despite spending a life in a dangerous or peaceful environment, still there are good moments that one enjoys and some that are not uplifting.

Life in the military needs a determined recruit who can take up an oath and work in goodwill. There are however people living under harsh military authority and this raises concern over their human rights but in any case they are so hardened to face difficult and involving situations.

There are great challenges in raising a family in the military owing to the fact that there is separation from family members either for a short or long periods. During this time, the link with family members such as wife, husband and children is altered. The close bond experienced there before is broken and can be a difficult challenge to cope with.

For husbands who have left to a far region, their family looses the father figure in the house and the link and relation with the wife maybe compromised. As for their children, there are numerous questions raised due to uncertainty and especially because their father is not available to cover his roles in the family.

Separation of wives from their families may affect the husband as well as the children as they cannot execute their family roles to show love, concern and do their duties effectively.

Redeployment is unavoidable while working in the military yet it could be to a war region or a peace region. For whatever missions it maybe, there is some kind of grief on what may happen to during that time that one is away. In a family set up, the initial separation is a major blow while the feeling or thought of something bad happening is really discouraging. The major effect is felt as a result of explaining to the children that there is journey ahead and to convince on the mission and when one will return. Whenever news is read on the television, radio or through the daily newspaper, there is tension on the family members. Their major fear and concern is that of safety. With news of casualties, bravery or victory, this raises their anxiety to know if their member is involved or is safe.

The experience that one goes through can sometime be very demoralizing since one will encounter harsh geographical areas and adjusting to those areas is quite a struggle.Raising a family in the military requires an understanding and commitment to ones role in the family set up. In this case, there are times when duties have to be shared.

One of the alternatives available is the transfer of money to spouse’s account to cover all expenses when he or she will not be available.

One also has to organize for crucial moments such as pregnancy time to ensure that there is enough support during delivery. While in the military, one anticipates for any eventuality and you organize so that all things work out.

In the military, one has to learn psychology so as to understand the behavior of your colleagues, enemy forces as well as the civilian population. This will enhance the relationship so that one knows how to coordinate and do attacks whenever needed.

There are a lot of hardships in the military and some are in the military traditions. During the training, there are activities that are heart breaking and especially one where for example pins go through your chest which is very painful. There are also some initiation rites in the United State Army School where recruits have to go through such training.

All these activities require a determined person and especially those who enters the military in their own good will. The activities that take place during the recruiting process should not affect your relationship with your family. When it comes to family matters, all the processes and recruitment activities should not hinder or prevent good family relations.

It is however more encouraging noting that the financial support of the military personnel is well taken care of. This is in terms of pay and allowances that is determined by one’s rank, the time one has been in the military as well as special skills demonstrated in the person. The pay is made either by an act of parliament or by private organizations. These usually come in terms of war compensations and hardship allowances.

There is therefore financial support that can constructively be used to build and sustain a family in the military.Furthermore, there are clothing allowances, cash and gifts that are great motivators towards one’s commitment in the service.

Raising a family needs a lot of commitment and due to exposure and experience one goes through in the military; it is of key importance that there is counseling available. This is very important as it serves to manage stress and also on how to cope with perse experiences.

It is also critical to manage fatigue that comes with the activities in the military. Recreational facilities should therefore be used to help relax the mind and body. It is known that fatigue can lead to malfunctioning and hence one should be involved in mind relaxing activities.

With the experience that comes with deployment from different regions there is need for counseling and treatment of psychological trauma usually experienced during military operation. This goes along way in regaining stability and soberness of the mind and determines proper stability. Some of the experience especially in war zone areas may be very involving and guiding and counseling helps manage and treat those conditions.

It is of great concern that the military should be taught and counseled on matters concerning sexual assaults. This is especially necessary so as to learn ways of preventing and management of incidents of sexual assault. This knowledge is very applicable and helps keep a family together without the occurrences of such offenses that are difficult to deal with.

As a matter of fact, after deployment comes the re-union and usually excitement and tension are all experience by the family members. For instance, the experience in the military operations has emotional stress and other factors that may hinder a happy reunion in a family. It is therefore important to go for counseling to cope with such a challenge. It is however an enjoyable time where the members share the experience, and get together in harmony. The bond between husband, wife, children, extended family and friends is brought back.

The mobilization of the military may bring complications in the manner in which a family is managed financially. The uncertainty in the period during which a war may take place posses a danger and fear to a family. As a result, the financial management may go into a crisis in the absence of one of the spouses. It is therefore important to have enough funds and a means of acquiring more just incase they are not enough.

At the end of the term in which one has served in the military comes the retirement time. During this time it is very important that one prepares in advance so as to cope with the transition. This requires an arrangement about housing provision, financial stability and availability and access to health services.

Without prior preparation, the change from military to civilian life may bring about confusion and non progress in the way of life. Such concerns should be checked so that there are enough resources to cater for changes experienced due to the change of life.

In case of married couples the marital adjustment that will result to being together throughout needs to be given attention. Having been away for many days, weeks or months and even years to constantly being together needs focus in maintaining a health stay.

Marital breakups and porces are experienced after the family is reunited. It is therefore a duty of the two to ensure that their family stays together by giving room for each member to enjoy the freedom and happiness of reuniting.

Interdependence should therefore be encouraged and focused on. It is the only way to cohabit with ones spouse and live in unity with the family, friends and the society at large.


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