People’s Trust to the Government

Published 20 Jun 2017

The government has its own roles and obligations to the society and to its own people. Every decision of the government is vital to the decisions or point of view of its people or to the public. There are many causes for the public not to trust the government and these are more likely due to what the public perceives in the news, papers, etc. Some are true but some are also half –truth and worst some are lies just to make good public impressions. Although some causes for the public not to trust government, there are also some which causes the public to trust the government. With the recent headlines which are influential to the people and to almost everyone publics are baffled or confused whether they would trust the government or not.

Some trust the government because for them the government can answer many of their problems. Others trust their government because they know their government can provide things such as a postal system, highways, police protection, etc. The governments like the U.S. government have been established for the purpose of doing for its people what its people cannot do for themselves. For others they trust the government because they can be provided with Social Security, Medicare and the likes. Others trust the government because they can see how life span of its people is being elevated and a better living is being achieved due to advance researches funded by the government. Others trust the government because they believe that the government is providing the best plans and policies for the country. Most people who trust the government believes that their leaders believes in nation building and are working for the betterment of their country.

They say that you cannot please everyone; some may also believe the opposite. Most people who do not trust the government believes that the country is hopeless due to its leaders and the nation cannot be revived without the leaders being replaced with good ones who are nationalistic and will serve the country wholeheartedly. They say that while the bureaucracy alone cannot restore the nation’s faith, civil servants’ attitudes, performance and efficiency do have a substantial effect on the public trust (Friel faith healers). Today there are many people who do not trust the government due to the bad decisions which were made and are being made by its government; one of this for example is the deployment of U.S. soldiers and its allies to other countries such as Iraq to aide its military needs which some believes isn’t a wise decision.

Others also believe that the government is destroying civil liberties like through wire tapping and the likes which make the government untrustworthy. Some believes that the government is placing harsh restrictions on the information available for the public and the press which restrict public freedom. These are some of the reasons and causes why the public don’t trust the government.

According to “people press”, distrust to the government is not only about the works of the government per se but more generally, significant part of this distrust reflects how people feel about the nation. The discontentment to the state of the nation is both a cause and an effect of distrust of government and both sentiments are expressions of a broader disillusionment to the country as a whole, which is not apparent in people’s lives, nor an evident at the state and local levels of government (How Americans…).

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