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Zora Neale Hurston’s Jump at the Sun Movie

Through her Jump at the Sun Movie, Zora Neale Hurston, a female African American, exhibits her fierce originality as she celebrates Black culture, depicting black customs as being rich and progressive. The film biography uses Hurston as an illustration to the effect that African Americans can attain success despite the presence of insurmountable odds. In effect, Hurston's Jump at the Sun Movie encourages African Americans to pursue their ambitions besides showing that African American culture is rich and progressive and equal to White culture.For example, the movie traces Hurston's Eatonville,...
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A Review on Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise is hailed as a breakthrough movie because of the unlikely feminist views that critics put into it. Many critics believed that the director -Ridley Scott-took the feminist rage of the lower middle class into the movie and embattled at rash feminists(Emerson).Scott was able to prettify his carefully composed images that consequently intimidated all the effectiveness and risks out of the ideas and sentiments at the heart of the movie-while at the same time building those potentially unsettling ideas appetizing to a mass audience. Thelma and Louise is...
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The choice of an artwork. Film ‘Scarface’

The choice of an artwork to enjoy is never an easy one. When deciding on this matter, I was looking for an artwork that produced a significant impact on the modern cultural discourse; additionally, it should present a deep analysis of society in general and human nature in particular. Personally, I firmly believe that cinema is perhaps the most compelling of all the art forms. Consequently, I made a choice to watch and reflect upon the film 'Scarface'.Scarface, directed by Brian De Palma, is a remake of 1932 film by...
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The Effects of Children of the Corn

One of the first horror movies I ever saw was one among the many of the Children of the Corn series. It is a story that involves children of Gatlin, Nebraska who appeared to have been possessed by the demonic “One Who Walks Behind the Rows" and have been on a murderous rampage by killing all adults in their town, notwithstanding a well-meaning couple who merely wanted to report the murder of a boy by the cultish children themselves.The children are involved in a murderous cult, in which they, the...
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World Trade Center: The Film

The event that shook the world on 9/11 was all about terrorism. However, Oliver Stone's World Trade Center has nothing whatsoever to do with the evil that the global public has been hearing about in all contexts since that fateful day. Instead, the movie is about life and the importance of it. While life is perfectly suitable for reflection, September 11, 2001 was a day of death – of the huge number of people that lost their lives, in addition to a way of life that the world enjoyed. Thus,...
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Women in Film

In her book, Bodies: Gender, Genre and Excess, Linda Williams (1991), discussed the concept of excesses in three genres of film. According to her, these three genres of film fall into the categories of film she regards as 'too gross', in the sense that these movies are quite sensational and tend to give the body an 'actual physical jolt'. The three genres of films she isolated for discussion are pornography, horror and melodramas. She posits that these genres of film are deemed excessive for seemingly different, but similar reasons.Pornography deemed...
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Mr. Brooks

The movie “Mr. Brooks" is about a serial killer, portrayed by Kevin Costner. It was released last June 1, 2007, which also stars Demi Moore and Dane Cook. It has successfully depicted the life of a serial killer, as well as the detective who pursues him. It was also able to explain the criminal behavior and the reasons why he engaged into these serial killings.Mr. Brooks is a successful businessman as well as a happy family man. He was named “Man of the Year" by the Portland Chamber of Commerce,...
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Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden

“Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden" is a 93 minute movie released in France and USA in English, Arabic and French languages. This movie is directed by Morgan Spurlock and the film has locations of Afghanistan and Middle East.The major points that are focused in this film are, the views and opinions of Arab world and whether Middle East is in any way affected with the present situation that is prevailing in Arab and Muslim countries. Secondly, Morgan Spurlock speaks to various people to know the opinions and views...
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When watching a film

When watching a film, an audience will often simple enjoy the film on a purely entertainment level, however, it is also important to look beyond the surface and understand what director is trying to say thematically. Pointing out the director's thematic concerns, however, is most difficult task. Of the many underlying themes in the film Ju Dou, I would like to discuss director Zhang Yi-mou's use of colors in the film and how they tie into thematic concerns.The fifth generation of Chinese film directors is my personal favorite groups and...
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When a Man Loves A Woman

The movie When a Man Loves A Woman starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia clearly represents some psychological concepts discussed in class (cause, effects, denial, recognition and rehabilitation). I had seen the movie before and enjoyed it, but now, since taking this class, I understand so much more about the movie and the characters. This movie is one that clearly depicts the many and varied effects of alcoholism on a family. Emotional, psychological, and even physical effects are felt by Alice Green and her family members. Alcoholism is not an...
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What Person Should I Be?

The movie The Emperor's Club is an inspiring film about the quest for purpose and happiness. All men strive to become better persons, lead meaningful lives and make a difference in other people's lives. The film has a number of characters that mirrors the central ethics of character, virtue, practical wisdom and flourishing. The story revolves around Professor Hundert, a classics professor who is passionate about his work and has made it a mission to effect change in his students' lives. Hundert finds inspiration in helping students become better persons...
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Japanese and Hollywood Silent Films

Japanese and Hollywood movie makers of the past are among the notable groups that created silent films, filming their early silent films between the end of 1890s and the early years before the 1920s. Both groups have established their indispensable presence in their respective geographical locations and that, although both are widely separated from one another at least in terms of distance, both have served as precedents for the years to come in the movie industry.Apparently, Japanese and Hollywood silent films also have their differences and these distinctions define their...
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“What About Bob?”

The movie "What About Bob?" tells of a Dr. Leo Marvin who is well known because of his book, "Baby Steps". The story unfolds when Dr. Marvin is leaving on vacation and Bob has become a new patient of his. Bob has had several other doctors; one has even quit his job and is moving to get away from him. It seems that Bob is quite a nice and personable person but has many paralyzing phobias that he thinks requires constant attention from his doctors. Just after his first visit...
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Western Film

Since the beginning of cinema in the United States, there has been on genre of film which has been explicitly American – the Western. Though touched on by films in other countries, the Western film has been used for decades as the quintessential view into American ideals and lifestyles. Though this genre has not changed much in since its inception, stylistically, it has changed in its way of expressing and covering issues of American culture.Many clichés have arisen out of the western film. The “good guys" wore white clothes. The...
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Whale Rider; Rapa Nui

Whale RiderNot just the words through the movie, the narration by Kahu, but the music that moves with the shadows and light in the ocean, has an overwhelming emotion with which the viewer may identify. When the narration begins, it is Kahu who says, “There was no gladness when I was born". These words are witnesses of events to happen. This is no story which begins with joy, but a tale where great hardship must happen first so that when the joy does come, the audience knows what a battle...
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