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Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden

10 May 2017Film Essays

“Wherein the world is Osama Bin Laden” is a 93 minute movie released in France and USA in English, Arabic and French languages. This movie is directed by Morgan Spurlock and the film has locations of Afghanistan and Middle East.

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The major points that are focused in this film are, the views and opinions of Arab world and whether Middle East is in any way affected with the present situation that is prevailing in Arab and Muslim countries. Secondly, Morgan Spurlock speaks to various people to know the opinions and views about Americans and American foreign policies and receives mixed opinions from people. Thirdly, people are looking forward for a safer place in the world, to lead a peaceful life with families and many parents are afraid that children would be forced to join terrorist groups to be away from poverty, discomfort and fear in daily lives. Fourthly, Spurlock in the film identifies another fact that people are concerned about day-today-life and are not concerned and also discourage the activities of terrorist groups or internal wars.

The film in a wider perspective films about the situation in Middle East and Afghanistan wherein there was much chaos and political instability for several years which is why, these places have become haversacks for terrorist groups. Times have changed now, that people have become aware of democratic policies and are willing to pave the way for a peaceful society as never before. Caste, religion or political instabilities have disappointed people and every individual is looking for a change in society at a global level. Nations staying on high alert at all levels, is an evidence that terrorist groups are active and people together with democratic governments do not accept the verdict of terrorist groups.

Personal opinion in this regard, first of all a great job performed by Spurlock is quite commendable and appreciable that the theme chosen is effective and challenging. Effective is due to the fact that many people in the world do not know about this notorious personality and secondly the film is quite challenging that in spite of indomitable efforts of Americans, this personality is still not brought to the threshold of international law for serious violation of human rights and international conspiracies.

The effort in film making, concept and objective are quite straightforward in personalizing the theme and focusing people as the final judges in giving judgment. There is no point to agree or disagree within the film. The film is a fundamental focus on an international fact, that disturbed the lives of millions of people around the world and has changed the status of global situation.
No authority exists above International Court of law and as a matter of fact, every issue is a major issue that within the purview of International code of law. The supreme authority of International code of law has a final decree or judgment that is brought before and the verdict can never be controversial.
Ignorance of law can never be excused and violation of human rights is serious cause for punishments under International Court of Law with its various provisions of laws being quite stringent and strong.


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