Save the World: World Population and Its Control

Published 08 Sep 2017

Human population has increased immense pressure on natural resources on this planet and this has created lot of problems due to harmful emissions caused by the production facilities set up to cater to the consumptive demand of the humanity. In light of this control over human population growth is extremely essential to ensure sustainability of human life on this planet. A the Emperor of This World, it is my earnest duty to call upon the attention of fellow citizens towards this urgent and serious issue. First I will briefly describe the magnitude of the problem and then I will suggest some potential solutions and seek fullest cooperation of my fellow citizens.
Present Population and Its Growth:
The estimated population of the world today is approximately 6.8 billion ( World population has almost doubled during past the 40 year period from approximately 3.3 billion in 1965 to approximately 6.4 billion in 2005 ( population) This amounts to a compounded annual growth rate of ~ 1.67%. However, this population growth rate has fallen during last 10 years and if one calculates this value from 1995 to 2005, this rate has been ~ 1.3%. This decrease in population growth rate has come from increased awareness among fellow citizens. If we assume that human population continues to grow at this rate, then population of the world will double in next 55 years i.e. by 2065.
This population growth is not uniform the world over. Most of this population growth takes place in poor and developing countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. This is because of extreme poverty of this reason and lack of education, awareness and medical facilities in this region. Such is the poverty that parents think of producing more children for getting more working hand, little realizing that the means required to support them are meager and that may force their children in workforce in premature age. It is pity, but not surprising that this region is reeling under nuances like child labor and sexual exploitation of poor young girls. Child mortality rates are high so people like to produce more children so that at least some of them will survive to support them in old age as social security is not at there. Another problem in son mania, so people go on producing girls until they are lucky with a couple of sons. The main reason is that they can employ their sons to work at much younger age than to their girls. These are really very serious issues at a time when we dream of making our colony on Moon and Mars.
Three important consequences of this population growth will be:
Social unrest – as people will lack the resources to feed them and at the same time they will see some pockets of rich people in different parts of the world then they will be forced to seek a share either legally or even illegally by the force of the fire in the belly. This is bound to cause the kind of unrest that cannot be imagined today.
Increase Emission of Green House gases – more production facilities will have to be commissioned and run to cater to the consumptive demand of the increased population. This will mean increased burning of fossil fuels and increased emission of the green house gases.
Natural calamities – Increased pressure on natural resources creates unintended damage to the ecological system and this leads to natural calamities.
These are certainly not something we as citizens of this planet will like to see coming in the life of our kids we love so much. Therefore, for the sake of our future generations we need to take urgent steps to retard the rate of population growth to very small values. In my opinion this cannot be done by any executive order as being a true democrat I would like to simply increase awareness and provide sufficient funding to achieve this holy purpose. As this is a huge task this cannot be done by me without your support. Therefore, I make fresh request from industries, NGOs and influential people in the society to spread the massage to the poor and not educated masses that they produce only two kids as their replacement and not more, so that they can bring up their kids in a better manner and the Government, Industries and NGOs will see to it that these kids get proper education till the age they become employable and the poverty of their parent will not come in the way of this.
My recommendations are Malthusian as I am not forcing any executive order rather I am acting as a facilitator only for something I feel is good for the humanity.


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