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Case Summary

Zhou vs. Unisource Worldwide, Inc.California, 2007On June 17, 2003 Barreto, an employee of Unisource Worldwide, lost control of the truck he was driving and crashed into the rear of a Volvo sedan. This caused the Volvo to slam into the back of Zhou's van while it was stopped at a red light. A year later, Zhou filed a law suit alleging he had suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident that led to three separate surgeries.Subsequently on the March 1, 2004 Zhou was involved in a second motor...
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Running Head: Youth Gangs

Howell's article mentioned that the definition of a youth gang varies from every state. They are considered a group of young delinquents assumed to have associated themselves with a gang name. This would correspond to a certain set of characteristics and symbolism usually exclusive to their group. The size of these groups also varies from every location.According to a survey, adolescents join gangs at the rate of 14-30%. Their ages range from 12-24, and their membership continues to expand since 1980, same with the gang problems reported to the authorities....
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Youth Violence & the Anomie Theory

Criminal behavior has long baffled psychologists and society in general. While extensive studies have been made in an attempt to explain criminal acts, none thus far has been found to satisfactorily explain all the complex processes and the interplay of factors that pushes an individual over the edge to finally commit to the act of doing something illegal or harmful to someone else. Criminal behavior is complex enough, but crime as perpetrated by the youth is even more complicated and disturbing. As such, the need to come up with theories...
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Running Head: Youth Violence in the United States

Youth violence has become one the recent challenges in the United following its highly increasing levels. In the recent past, statistics from the emergency departments of United States showed that it had treated a record of 750,000 youths who had injuries related to youth violence. Basically, youth delinquency in the country has increased drastically because of many factors like the history of aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, poor behavioral control, antisocial beliefs and attitudes. It has been associated with dictatorship child upbringing, low parental care, and low parental income, substance abuse association...
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Perceptions of Young Prisoners

This study investigates the perceptions of young people incarcerated in two different types of facilities, juvenile detention centers and adult prisons. The author of this study analyzed data collected by another researcher, but the details of the original investigation are provided in a way that would facilitate replication of the original study. The author hypothesized that young people in juvenile facilities would recognize the increased focus on rehabilitation and treatment provided by detention facilities when responding to a number of interview questions. The results did not support this hypothesis because...
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Running Head: Youth Violence

Youth violence can be referred to as the harmful behaviors that often start from early child hood and continued to young adulthood. The young people can be an offender, victim or a witness of the violence. Violence among the youths includes various behaviors. Violence acts such as slapping, hitting or bullying can result to more emotional harm than the physical harm. Other violence acts such as rape, assaults or robbery can have serious consequences and some times may result to death.University Students Very Often Tell EssayLab support:I have been assigned...
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Youth and Corrections

For time eternal, the question of right and wrong has endured. In the modern day, this question has evolved into the criminal justice system, and within this system, a consideration of how victims of crime can be made whole once again, how the system treats individuals of different racial groups/cultures and how the law can be fairly and equally enforced within these parameters is critical to understand. This research will focus on these various topics.Students Very Often Tell EssayLab support:How much do I have to pay someone to make my...
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Hate Crimes

Hate crimes encompasses a broad concept with regards to the disability, religion, ethnicity and race, and sexual orientation of an individual or group of people. It is not only the physical term and aspect of committing crimes against certain people, but also a way of degrading and debasing the belongingness and identity of one person. We could say that a statement that would humiliate ones personality or group, whether seriously said or sarcastically delivered, in any way, is committing a hate crime. However, there are many conditions and considerations to...
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Pleading guilty “by reason of insanity”

In a criminal trial, pleading guilty "by reason of insanity" is one possible defense by which the egregiousness of the criminal actions having been committed may indeed become mitigated, indeed, sometimes, even exonerated completely when time comes for sentencing. "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" (NGRI) is a defense whereby the accused argue that they are not culpable for breaking the law, as they were mentally ill or suffered from some other aberrant diminished mental capacity at the time of the crime's commission. Common examples of what could plausibly produce...
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Research Methods and Statistics in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice System in the United States is charged with the responsibility of executing justice in the society to ensure orderliness. The system is involved in extensive research programs that enable them to understand the society better and offer solutions to the offenders. The Criminal Justice System collects large volumes of data to enable them know the causes that lead to people being involved in criminal activities. They engage in such research to enable them take necessary steps to prevent people from falling into crime.People Very Often Tell EssayLab...
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Ownership of handguns

The case has its controversy as the citizens of Columbia insist that they should be allowed to own handguns within the district. This is in opposition with the 1975 Act of the Supreme Court, "The Firearms Control Regulation Act of the 1975". There is a claim that, this Act is violating individual right to own firearms, yet the second Amendment of this Act protects individual's rights to own firearms unconnected with military service, and use that arm for lawful traditional purpose. (Blackwell, 2008)This case is a controversial case affecting all...
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Miranda Rights: Dilemma in use

Rights are not just simple rights. They are the basis of the performance of the constitution, the law and the government. Failure to provide a better rule for the rest of the people in a country or perhaps in the whole world would mean of incapability to run a government or an institution. The rights of the people is the key to live a peaceful life or that was what we people believed in but underlies each rights are the limitations and boundaries to prevent the over use of such...
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Workplace Law and Ethics

Examples of discrimination in the workplace include discrimination of pregnant women employees. Pregnant women employees might be discriminated merely due to their conditions. Consequently regulations have been put in place to protect them from discrimination. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires that employers must treat pregnant women like any other employee provided they can do their job (Fremgen, 2009). This Act has protected women from losing their jobs and allowed them to advance even if they become pregnant or they needed a short leave for childbirth. A woman employee...
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To be honest, it's quite a complicated task for the person, who's always lived as a free human being to imagine a situation, where she is deprived of all of her constitutional rights. In my apprehension slavery is when the person does not have the rights for her life, she doesn't have a right to breathe, eat and walk. Some may object that every human born has these rights, but, as I see it, knowing that you can be murdered at any moment (and the master of the slave could...
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Marxism in Light of Other World Systems

Karl Marx, one of the more influential social philosophers of the modern age, asserts in his The Communist Manifesto, that the proletariat, or the masses comprising of the minimum wage earners, and not the ruling bourgeois, ought to be given the political and executive powers to govern their own country (Marx, 20). This, primarily, is the fundamental ideology that Communism adheres to.However, as what the world had witnessed during the course of history, Russia's communism proved to be insufficient as well in pacifying the never-ending struggle between the commoner and...
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