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Published 02 Dec 2016

In this fast paced society, it cannot be helped that invention after invention has been aimed to even put man to further convenience. Everything he owns and does is through a minimized process and sometimes through a simle push of a button or turn of the ignition key. However, this convenience for man also brought about adverse environmental consequences. Global warming and pollution threatens to extinguish the entire human population. With the rising problem, man tried to bring out his clever nature and invented a piece that would help solve the problem he caused. He invented the hybrid car.

Hybrid cars are redesigned transportation devices so that it becomes more environmental friendly and still retain its primary purpose. Moreover, man is not just trying to save the environment, he is also likewise able to save money due to the rising rates of gas and fuels. But these are only the basic things one could attain from this kind of vehicles.

Everyone should avail of a hybrid car. Here are the justifiable reasons behind this claim. These are (1) hyrbid cars are good for the environment, (2) hybrid cars lessens the use of gas, and (3) hybrid cars allows owners tax incentives.

Hybrid cars, according to Ezines Articles (2008), are primarily environmetal friendly. It was, of course, primarily invented to help solve environmental issues man caused. It has become the invention that will soon propagate, and every inpidual should partake in fixing the damages.

Perhaps now, one cannot find the reason behind using hybrid cars. But in a few years time, the damages at present might be too late to fix. Toxic emissions from conventional cars may come to a point where man can only watch the environment deteriorate. Do not let it come to this point. We still have time to fix the problem.

When people use hybrid cars, he is primarily using an electric motor than gas. Gas is perhaps what raises the prices of many evryday goods. When the oil rates increases so does a lot of items one needs to purchase on a regular basis. So, if hyrid cars are used insteas of gas, then people are able to save more to spend for other necessities in a home.

Furthermore, by not using gas, we are also saving the environment. Less are taken from the earth, and there are less damages on her, too. Gas is the primary source of the toxic emissions mentioned above. In this regard, there is a win-win situation. Man is not only able to save money from using gas,, he is also able to contribute in saving the earth from further damage.

On top of saving money and saving the earth, the political aspect of the problem also bring out certain tax incentives. Accoording to the aforementioned website, in the year 2005, Bush agreed to give incentives to those who will purchase hybrid cars. The poliitical aspect recognized the rising need to negate greenhouse gases that are destroying the harmony of the earth’s atmosphere. These incentives are given based on two factors.

These are how less gas is more efficients, and how much can be saved in a lifetime.
It is not yet a law that we should only use hybrid cars. But since the government already gave credit to the rising need, it is perhaps that each of us also answers the call of nature. She is asking us to save her. So althoguh we may receive incentives from the government, we must also move with our own initiatives despite these campaigns.

In conclusion, keys to conventional cars should be dropped and replaced by one that ignites a hybrid electric motor. Hybrid cars will be more beneficial for any driving inpidual. He is able to save the environment as well as use less gas, and receive tzx incentives. Although one should be reminded that these are not the only driving force they need to consider. One should simply look at the environment and realize the need to make certaIn changes in our choices of land transportation. Smog covers cities, and it is not the vision one would want the next generation to see.


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