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Perceptions of Technology

1. How do you perceive Information Technology? Explain.The technology for making movies was in place by 1895, but the true potential of movie-making was not realized until two decades later with D.W. Griffith's 1915 full-length feature film Birth of a Nation. The narrative form and filmic techniques employed by Griffith may have ensured that movies were a viable art and entertainment form, but the rise of American film as a key industry was based on other developments of the first two decades of the 20th Century, notably World War I....
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Ethnoscientific approach

Ethnoscientific approach to fieldwork means that the structure or the basis of knowledge that is being used to study or to analyze people as subject for anthropological studies is their culture. This means that behaviors, actions and characteristics of people are being evaluated through the use of their specific culture (Lucas).Culture is tagged as one of the ways that man can manifest his own method of living. It is how people structured to behave in particular ways in particular situations. Their culture has a very big impact on their way...
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What is Web Interface Design?

This is highly associated with the development of Web pages, software, and multimedia. Also, it could be considered relevant to the formation of any forms of instructional or technical media. It has four distinct factors in utilization: Usability, Functionality, Accessibility, and Visualization.Usability – refers to how easily navigate-able your media item is. Is the media processed and downloaded at a rate that is not irritating to the user? In this part, you'll have to plan your presentation: Storyboards and flowcharts can help you in organizing the flow of your presentation....
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What is not Science?

Science is a broad category which includes discoveries and experiments based on hypotheses and predictions. Thus there is knowledge and academic disciplines which cannot be interpreted as science. Most of them are based on scientific knowledge and principles but has nothing to do with science.In science, prediction once made, its confirmation depends often on events over which the scientist can exercise no vestige of control. The real world having been constituted a "something," the principle of intelligibility asserts man's capacity, perhaps even his obligation to understand that something. Non-science does...
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What is programme evaluation?

Programme process evaluation focuses on program implementation and operation. A process evaluation can answer questions regarding program effort; identify processes or procedures used to carry out the functions of the program; and address program operation and performance. Process evaluation adds a qualitative dimension to the descriptive statistics furnished by a monitoring system. From a monitoring system, one might learn, for instance, how many counseling sessions of what duration were received by participants in a drug treatment program; or how many new cases were opened for investigation by a law enforcement...
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What is criminology? An Annotated bibliography

The credibility of this book stems from the fact that is written by an expert in the field of criminology. This is demonstrated by his having been awarded the Teacher's Excellence Award by Mercyhurst College (2006) and recipient of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Fellow Award (2000). The author, Frank E. Hagan, holds degrees from Case Western Reserve and Gannon, Maryland. Director of the James V. Kinnane Graduate Program in Administration of Justice, he has written many journal articles and authored seven other books: Research Methods in Criminal Justice...
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What is genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering (Recombinant DNA technology or rDNA technology) is the deliberate, controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intent of making that organism better in some way. This is usually done independently of the natural reproductive process. The result is a so-called genetically modified organism (GMO). To date, most of the effort in genetic engineering has been focused on agriculture. Genetic engineering has numerous benefits, including the production of food-bearing plants that are resistant to extreme weather and adverse climates, insect infestations, disease, molds, and fungi. A...
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Discussion Board Topic: What is History?

AbstractionHistory is the attempted manifestation of the incorporeal dimension of life that is time and space. It may be more convenient to create history than to define it; in order to define something it has to be believed first. Lexically the word ‘History' may be described as the “record of the past" but definitely the method and content of recording has always been as questionable by the people as any Holy Prophet had been questioned for revealing the message of The ‘Unseen'. But this message was spread with the concept...
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Unlimited Access to Computers and Information

Anthropology is mainly the study of all the various aspects of man. It includes the observation and research on human cultures and different societies (Pritchard, 2004). Logically, since the effects of inexpensive to almost unlimited access to computers and information in a post-industrial economy have emanated from men, then its study has become relevant to anthropology. The fact that the matter deals with the reaction of man to a kind of innovation in culture, makes it significant to the field. In addition, these effects that may be discovered may also...
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Parts of the .NET Platform

The .Net framework is the strategy used by the Microsoft Web services in order to link information, people, system and devices together through the use of software applications. Through the use of .Net you easily build, set up, control, and use associated solutions with Web services. The Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows CardSpace are the three most important parts of the .Net platform. These parts are essential for the development of Windows Web services to the people.The Windows Communication Foundation is use to build and run connected...
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Key Factors of Program Evaluation

Evaluation is a process that is considered essential especially to groups or organizations that are administering a project or program. It determines the worth of the project, as well as assesses whether the goals of the program are being met (Trochim, 2006). Results of evaluation are used as basis for improvements for the people involved in the program in order to gain benefits and minimize loss (Love, 1991). As such, factors that may affect the program evaluation should be taken into consideration.There are several factors that may affect the evaluation...
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Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting

IntroductionFingerprinting of devices derives its name from the technique of fingerprinting of human beings to determine their identity. Just as every human being has a unique set of fingerprints, which are used to identify him or her correctly, electronic devices such as computers also have unique digital fingerprints, which can be used to identify them correctly. Fingerprinting of devices can be defined as a process by which a device or software that is being run on a device can be identified using characteristics that are observable externally. In this essay,...
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Technology in Teaching

Computers had gone through a quite great change through the passing of time. Computers had revolutionized the way people live, the way people interact with others and the way they educate themselves. Computer magazines are of great help to keep track what are the current happenings with regards to this industry. PCWorld magazine is one of them. One of their latest issue headlines the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, (21 Quibbles I Have With Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard). Though the one they had posted is more likely...
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Research Paper Discuss Spam and Spyware

Information technology deals with the employment of electronic computers and computer software and hardware to be able for the required information to be converted, stored, protected, processed, transmitted and retrieved safely and securely.In the 1970s, information technology came into being. However, the fundamental concepts of information technology had been alive before it was termed as information technology. The military and many industries had been able to help each other by developing electronics, computers and information theory. This was evident throughout the 20th century. With the efforts of the military and...
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Animation Techniques

Introduction:All animation started with the mouse in Florida. Walt Disney. Animation is a sequence of drawn pictures, first manually, one by one, now computer enhanced. In Disney's beginning stages, animated programs required 24 images to produce one second duration of television programming. Producing animation was cheaper, but the financial income potential was limited. However in those days, Mr. Disney was doing great financially. Animation filming techniques continues to invent increasingly brilliant ideas for developing these bewitching little creatures to entertain us. Animation uses new technology giving illusions of movement at...
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