Parts of the .NET Platform

Published 17 Mar 2017

The .Net framework is the strategy used by the Microsoft Web services in order to link information, people, system and devices together through the use of software applications. Through the use of .Net you easily build, set up, control, and use associated solutions with Web services. The Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows CardSpace are the three most important parts of the .Net platform. These parts are essential for the development of Windows Web services to the people.

The Windows Communication Foundation is use to build and run connected systems. It provides secure, reliable and transacted messaging for the user. It is important because it is important that the messages or the communication is secure and reliable. Communication plays a great part of the industry and therefore it should really be the first priority.

Windows Presentation Foundation is also important because it provides the foundation for building applications. As time passes, our society’s demand also grows and therefore demanding for better services. Therefore it is important that that new applications are built for our developing country. It is also important to be able to utilize the full influence of your computer. This is possible through the Windows Presentation Foundation.

The Windows Workflow Foundation is also an important part of the .Net framework. It is a representation for various applications that are use for building work flow application within a short period of time. Such applications include programming, engine and apparatus. It is important that work flow applications are done quickly to save time and energy. Another convenience is that it is available both to the client and server of Windows Web.

Through the different innovations of the Windows Web service, we can maximize our computers potential. The Microsoft Web has provided us with the different software such as the .Net framework by which we can do a lot of things on our computer within a short amount of time. Surely the .Net framework is truly of the great innovation of the Microsoft Web.


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