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Unlimited Access to Computers and Information

17 Mar 2017Science and Technology Essays

Anthropology is mainly the study of all the various aspects of man. It includes the observation and research on human cultures and different societies (Pritchard, 2004). Logically, since the effects of inexpensive to almost unlimited access to computers and information in a post-industrial economy have emanated from men, then its study has become relevant to anthropology. The fact that the matter deals with the reaction of man to a kind of innovation in culture, makes it significant to the field. In addition, these effects that may be discovered may also be used as bases for upcoming anthropological issues. Thus, finding these said effects may be considered as anthropologically important.

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There are a number of effects that inexpensive access to computers and information may bring to a post-industrial economy. The most blatant is that it was able to make small time entrepreneurs wealthy and large companies even richer. Given that it is cheap, it can give more profit to certain industries. This then is often taken advantage of. However, taking advantage of this existing reality is not only exclusive to the business sector; rather, it is also utilized by most common people and the government. From the booming businesses are definitely customers who use up the access to its extent. These are the clienteles that entrepreneurs serve, including the people who pay the bills, from which the government collects revenues that keeps it well-funded and functioning (Shapiro & Varian, 1999). Another effect of the cheap to almost unlimited access to information is the emergence of cyborgs or the combination of human and machine. With the advent of unlimited access to information, there are endless possibilities that have emerged. As such, a new kind of man or a new kind of culture may evolve from it (Bell & Kennedy, 2000).

With these, it may be found that the effects of cheap access to computers and information can go a long way. It can transform a meek economy to a huge booming business giant. It can also change many aspects of the life of man and his culture. More importantly, it can also evolve into a new classification of man which can greatly affect the already existing notions in anthropology. Thus, there is no doubt, that the matter is relevant to the field of anthropology.


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