What is Web Interface Design?

Published 11 Apr 2017

This is highly associated with the development of Web pages, software, and multimedia. Also, it could be considered relevant to the formation of any forms of instructional or technical media. It has four distinct factors in utilization: Usability, Functionality, Accessibility, and Visualization.

Usability – refers to how easily navigate-able your media item is. Is the media processed and downloaded at a rate that is not irritating to the user? In this part, you’ll have to plan your presentation: Storyboards and flowcharts can help you in organizing the flow of your presentation. Designing the webpage involves designing the navigation options. There are several navigation designs to choose from, and we can make use the options of navigational tours to help the user better navigate into your webpage.

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Visualization – creating attention-grabbing yet pleasing media items without being dubbed as distracting. This includes planning for appropriate visuals and icons, text, and colors for your webpage. The primary aim is to make your webpage appear in coordination with every other visual cue, and should coincide with the primary theme of the webpage. Colors are vital; it must complement the webpage per se.

Functionality – refers to the capability of the webpage to serve its purpose. For example, we are creating a webpage on communication models. To serve its purpose, we can include diagrams or figures that depict a typical communication model, or even add quizzes to complement the learning process. There are several tool types for various functionality processes.

Accessibility – is the newest emerging Web design topic. It influences the Usability and the Functionality of the webpage, as it includes the utilization of people who are not usually able to access that particular webpage in normal circumstances, i.e., the user is disabled.

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