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Published 08 Sep 2017

It truly appears that no matter how advanced security systems have become in protecting the people and their machines in entering the online world, threats to privacy of sensitive information are also becoming more sophisticated.

In “Massive Computer Spy Network Uncovered,” almost 1,300 computers have already been spied on by hackers who, according to the report, have political motivations. The massive spying raises the question of how safe individuals really are and how reliable our current security measures are in ensuring that our private information is safe from dubious individuals lurking somewhere in the cyberspace. The internet is indeed a double-edged sword and we are compelled to do no less than protect ourselves. But who can we rely on? For the most part, even computer network giants are relatively vulnerable to online attacks. The risks for private Internet users may even be higher than we may begin to think.

“Massive Computer Spy Network Uncovered”. 2009. Computer World.

Response to the post of Francis Mongalo, dated 1 Apr 09 11:37 AM MST

The idea that technology is making people more productive and lazier at the same time is intriguing. While the possibility of having robots being controlled by our minds is interesting, it truly is something worrisome at the least. For one, we may become idle organisms in the years or decades to come. Another idea is that our society may soon become a place where robots do all things for us while we simply sit back and waste away our bodies as we wait for our time, so to speak. I think the worst danger lies on whether we will allow technology to take control of us or the other way around. I prefer taking technology into our hands and not letting it dominate our lives.

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