Discussion Board Topic: What is History?

Published 10 Apr 2017


History is the attempted manifestation of the incorporeal dimension of life that is time and space.

It may be more convenient to create history than to define it; in order to define something it has to be believed first. Lexically the word ‘History’ may be described as the “record of the past” but definitely the method and content of recording has always been as questionable by the people as any Holy Prophet had been questioned for revealing the message of The ‘Unseen’. But this message was spread with the concept of ‘faith’, encoded and revealed in the divine scriptures that demanded willing suspension of disbelief and submission of one’s power to question the validity and authenticity of truth and guarded mankind against the absurdity and fatalness of the limited knowledge. Therefore history as the Gospel of Time connects the corporal dimensions of mankind with the incorporeal time and space.
History is a product of peripheral perceptions of those who no matter how impartial may be in their observations yet their manner of registering the records could never escape being subjective and they made the eras communicate through their surveillance with this they possessed all the potential to divert the flow of the current time period and also bring drastic change in the notion of the contemporary values and beliefs.
In the Oxford Dictionary, the word “history” is defined as “continuous, usu. chronological, record of past events, esp. of human affairs…” this definition no doubt aptly explains the word history, but the explanation is only relevant to elucidate the ‘purpose’ of history instead of what exactly ‘history’ is?
The word history can no doubt be given many symbolic and lexical descriptions and definitions but the essence of history is what gives it the value of meaning. And the essence of history is the ‘life in the universe’ which is traced from time immemorial and which defines the entire dimensions of the physical and spiritual aspects of this world. History is thus the ignorance and knowledge of this mortal life and its coexistence with immemorial time.


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