Discussion about Gods Country and American know-How

Published 31 Mar 2017

What is American dream? Who are Americans? Why this nation consider themselves number one in the world? All these questions are interconnected. A dream about equal possibilities for everyone is phantom because each person is not equal by capabilities, someone was born handsome someone – ugly, one can be intelligent or stupid, strong or weak. A person who was born in a rich family certainly has more possibilities than someone from an average family. But why is this myth so popular? In my opinion, because it is thoroughly nurtured by those who can benefit from hard work of a person who is blinded by his eagerness to achieve material success. This person is not aware that his profit will not compensate his loss of time, energy and health. (Baritz 1985)

The circle of interests of such a person is limited by his couch, television and refrigerator. I think that superiors of this world stimulate such a life style because such a narrow-minded human mass can be easily ruled and manipulated. Large companies are interested to develop consumption instincts of average citizens. They aspire to expand their market and in order to get more goods a person has to spend more money and to spend more money one has to work harder. Unfortunately simple life style is not popular today. USA consumes the biggest part of world resources and I think it is not good when one country lives at the expense of others covering itself by false slogans about liberating other countries. (Baritz 1985)
Vietnam and Iraq

I am sure that so-called peace-making wars have no other motives but to capture control over natural resources. It is evident that the real purpose of war with Iraq was to get access to oilfields. As far as I know Iraq possesses 20% of world recourses of oil and prime cost of its production is one of the cheapest. Economy of USA is dependent on oil. It is very possible that after war with Iraq USA can unleash war with Iran. Actually the question of relationship between America and Muslim world is very interesting. This war can also be called ideological because it is confrontation of two cultures. It seems to me that USA rather aggressively imposes its values to other world and this influence is not always good, Middle East is more traditional and people are still loyal to laws of Koran. I consider that nowadays Muslim world is more faithful to its values than Christian one. One more reason of this confrontation is the difference between levels of life of these countries. American intervention into Iraq provokes acting and potential terrorists to using any kinds of geophysical weapon. (Baritz 1985)
What it means to be an American

It is not truth that Americans are the freest nation in the world because they are slaves of their own illusions. I have an impression that they are ignorant about cultures of other countries especially of Asia and Eastern Europe. This ignorance allows them to consider their nation God-chosen comparing to other nations. I think it is very nice to love own country and to be proud for own nation. But considering oneself better than others using these others in one’s own interests is nothing but expression of grown ego. No one was happy following the path of increasing ego. But Americans do not want to accept the truth. They prefer to hide it covering by “pure” motives of liberating other countries. I believe that the strength of America is in its spirit but abuse of strength ruins this spirit. Unleashed wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Yugoslavia will always remain indelible stain on “historical tuxedo” of USA. (Baritz 1985)


  • Baritz, Loren “God’s Country and American Know-How”, from Backfire, NY: Morrow, 1985 (19-54).
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