Outline of Discussion Points

Published 21 Jun 2017

What key topics should be addressed in the presentation?

For the presentation to be effective, key topics like definition and importance of the elements of the story should be addressed. The whole point of the presentation is to make the audience know and understand how these elements give life to a story. Therefore, these things should be given due emphasis on the presentation, itself.

In what ways can the setting tell a story by itself?

Setting, defined as the time and location in which a story takes place, can very much affect the story, itself. Setting can set the mood of the readers and can take them to the actual place and time of the story. The type of atmosphere a writer sets at the beginning of the story influences much the feelings of the readers. Even the narration of the social and weather conditions insinuates what is happening at a certain point or part of the story.

What do you feel is the best element of a story?

I think the best element of the story is its theme. Although I believe that the key elements of the story are all very important, the theme acts as the stimulus that makes the rest of the elements move. Since theme is the controlling idea or central insight of a story, it plays a very significant role in the delivery of the story, as a whole. Without it, the whole point of the story is gone. A storywriter writes a story mainly because he wants to convey a message to his readers. And this message is clearly manifested through a story’s theme.

Which elements do you feel are the most important to make the story whole?

Among the many elements of the story, its five key elements, namely character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme, make the story whole. Characters give life to a story since they are the doers in it. Setting takes the readers to the actual time and place of the story. Plot sequences the events in a manner that readers could fully understand it. Conflict adds spice to it and gives a feeling of excitement to the readers. And theme directs the readers to what the story is all about.


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