Renewable Energy

Published 12 Sep 2017

Most of the world`s industries are run by fuel. One of the popular sources of fuel is the fossil fuels which is a form of non-renewable energy. Fossil fuels are carbon-based fuels formed from the plants and animals that lived over 300 million years ago and deposited underneath the earth ‘s surface. The fuels are burned in order to release the stored chemical energy. Energy is important in the contemporary society as it enables us to perform the functions of the industries.

Despite the importance of the fossil fuels, environmental advocates discourage citizens to significantly decrease the use of fossil fuels because it is a non-renewable source of energy and the combustion of fossil fuels emits noxious greenhouse gases and worsen the state of global warming. Scientists look for various alternative sources of energy to compensate the world ‘s energy needs. Renewable energy is sources of power that is naturally replenished by nature and a much cleaner source of energy.

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There are different sources of renewable energy. One of which is the biofuel. A biofuel is a form of renewable energy source derived from biomass which includes crops, animal wastes and other forms of trash converted into fuel. There are various types of biofuel such as bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas (“Biofuels”2007). Solar energy has started to gain momentum as it is utilized long before in solar-powered calculators and solar panels as a source of electricity. Solar power technologies used photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert the sunlight directly to electricity (NC GreenPower n.d.).

Hydropower is a form of energy already used in hydroelectric plants to produce electricity. It is considered as one of the most environmental friendly sources of electricity. It uses the falling water to produce energy. The falling water causes the turbine to spin as it is attached to the generator, which produces the energy. The process of generating electricity produces no pollution and does not need a big dam or reservoir (NC GreenPower n.d.). For over centuries, many civilizations have used the wind to produce energy. It was once used in farms to pump water and to grind the grains. It has been updated to generate electricity without rendering effects on the environment. Today, the wind turbines are mounted on tall towers to efficiently catch the wind ‘s energy. The propeller-like blades are attached to form a simple rotor. This new model are used to protect the birds from harm (NC GreenPower n.d.).

The renewable sources of energy can significantly supply a proportion of the United State ‘s energy needs, and create various public benefits including “environmental improvement, increased fuel diversity and national security, and regional economic development benefits” (Union of Concerned Citizens 2009).The use of these renewable sources of energy renders many benefits and advantages not only to the people but also to the environment. One of which is their ability to sustain the energy needs of the industrialized countries and ability to replace the fossil fuels as a primary source of energy.

Utilizing these renewable sources of energy has two main environmental benefits. First, these sources are renewable source of energy and offer a long-term, cheap and security on energy supply. It is clear that renewable sources of energy are the key to our problem in our energy source and to sustain the industries that needed energy in the future. It is a more sustainable use and offer long duration sources of energy. Second, they largely contribute on less emission of greenhouse gases. Their inability to produce a carbon-based warming and other polluting agents in our atmosphere is beneficial to our environment in drastically reducing the hazards of global warming (Alternative Energy 2008).

Renewable sources of energy are beneficial to man as we can continuously use it without depleting it. It contributes much lesser on the carbon-based warming that is one of the greatest threats in our environment. It also applies low cost applications when counting all cost. Most importantly, it provides us a cleaner environment and a healthier place to live.

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