How To Write a Research Essay

Published 12 Jul 2016

  1. First, comes the subject choice. It is quite easy to find some interesting research essay topics but if you had an amazing chance to make a choice yourself – do it! The process will be much more fascinating and enjoyable if you choose a topic you are into.
  2. The subject that will be written in your paper demands a good research. Choose some information resources – do not overlook to make a full citation in appropriate style. Write an introduction. Research essay topic ideas are to be stated here! Do it in a brief and clear form. If the subject has many difficult terms – explain them here. Do not take the reader for the man who knows everything – help him. For example, if you chose one of the psychology research essay topics, explain some basic terms you are to use.
  3. Construct the main body of your article. Within your whole work, this part is surely the most significant one. It should contain key arguments; results obtained from your own groundwork findings. Arrange this section logically; give each idea a separate paragraph. Avoid repetition! It is not fascinating to read the identical information during the whole text. Cite all the references. Say a big “no” to speaking language – it is a must to write the essay in a really formal way.
  4. Make a conclusion. It needs to be short and clear. All the conclusions are made on the subjects mentioned in the main text body.
  5. Construct a “work-cited” part. You must build your works cited in the section as you did in the main part of your article. It is better to make a consistent note in a separate document. Use the appropriate citation style. 6. Check your text for plagiarism. As a rule, many universities are against the students with a big percentage of plagiarism.

College research essay sample

Research essay topic for high school students needs to be:

  • Informative
  • Controversial
  • Unique

These requirements are necessary to develop the ability of thinking, making decisions and new discoveries.

College paper will require the suitable citation style. Among the universities you can find the following writing styles:

  • Harvard citation style
  • AMA citation style
  • Chicago citation style

Every style has its own features that are obligatory to comply with. Special guides, like writers at EssayLab, can help a lot.

Also, you can see a college article samples over the Internet and they can rescue you if you are not absolutely certain of writing such article or even if you do it for the first time.

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