How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Published 12 Jul 2016

The main function of the essay is expressing the author’s opinion. It is the fundamental basis for students to have such writing experience because it is the basic element of all exams.

Opinion essay topics are usually based on the works of the classics of the literature, historical events or current problems of an economy, politics and nature. If you are to choose from many possible topics for opinion essays yourself – choose the one that touches you the most. Good opinion essay topics imply a deep knowledge of the problem.


  1. Opening Paragraph is a significant part of your work. You have to bring to the reader a clear grasp of the subject you wish to prove in the next 3 paragraphs – 3 different opinions.
  2. The next 3 paragraphs are the Essay Body. Here you need to specify the 3 main ideas supporting your points of view (1 in each paragraph) and to back them up with the facts. You can use the statements of great people, examples of historical events, or literature works. Remember the rules of common decency – please do not to be sarcastic.
  3. 5th paragraph – the Conclusion. Let the reader recall what you’ve told him in the last 3 paragraphs but in a short and understandable way.

Elementary opinion writing for kids

As a rule, the opinion essay topics for kids are really simple – the good description of surrounding reality is what’s needed. The structure is the same, but here you don’t need to use some difficult and huge theorems, historical facts and documentation in order to make your essay official. The language is simple and almost close to speaking. Kids’ topics almost always are about the family, future profession, nature, and the other daily things. Sometimes, it is necessary to express your opinion about a fairytale, song, or a friend.

The kid can use the events of his own daily life to speak up his opinion. The purpose of elementary opinion essay writing is to teach children to express their thoughts on paper.

It’s a nice idea to start with a little research of surroundings and to look after the object of writing. For example, if the topic is “What is my parents’ profession?” – let the kid ask you about your job and ask him about his own thoughts. The last thing to do is only to write it all down!

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