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Writing to Explore

29 Sep 2017Essay Types

Writing to Explore is a process of self learning in writing. The response I have written to make a career choice or Major, qualifies in most of the goals aimed at such writing. In Rhetorical Writing, my writing appeals to me and I think it is appealing to readers in the scenario of those who are on the verge of making important decisions in their life. I have achieved my purpose of writing as I have learnt some of my assets and have identified what I do not like as a career plan. I am surprised at the strengths I have so I have learnt to hone my weaknesses by noting them down.

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I have taken into consideration the factors that affect what I am writing. I am aware of myself when I wrote the response. I was confident about the reader reading it .I had made it very clear how I came to my conclusion of choosing the career. I had achieved my purpose by expressing how I made the choice so the reader would apply the same process of thinking. The exigency of my writing is to reach out to all those who are in the state of confusion and to help them know themselves so that they would have happy and successful careers in life. To be of use to them and help them from regrets compels me to write this response. The questions I have raised to myself are echoes of the students who are on the threshold of their career choices. So, my response qualifies fully to the rhetorical situation as the reader feels it is he who has written it in my place. He identifies with my response in his own unique way.

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The response tone is positive and inquisitive. It does not have tremors of humor but it surely inspires the reader I feel. I do not write to arouse dejection but my aim is to inspire and motivate through my writing. I have achieved that goal very well I feel.

Responsibility. I have been honest about my expressions but I have not been accurate about my information. There are many schools and colleges which charge extra fees and give admissions to students without having an entrance exam. There are also courses which offer diploma in journalism and they offer part time courses also. I have only half-achieved the aim of my responsibility towards the students seeking this course.

Reading and Research. I have not accomplished this goal as I did not research at all. It was my general knowledge and my social awareness as well my self analysis that has made me write this response. It is purely on personal experience and not on references from viable sources.

I have achieved 5 and 1/2 goals in a total of 6 goals listed in the self assessment criteria of learning goals for exploratory writing in my response. I am satisfied that I have put in my best effort in writing, which is what matters to me most, as a writer and as audience to my own writing.


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