Published 18 Jan 2018

My name is Zhu Zhu and I am expecting to graduate in winter of 2009 with a bachelor degree in accounting. In relation to this, I am intending to apply for the 150-hour program in order to be able to take the CPA exam.

Prior to coming to the US, I have studied in Macau for two years on general business. Macau, an exciting city that combines both the Western and Eastern cultures, is where I became interested in pursuing my next level of education in US and eventually transferred to Eastern Michigan University in September of 2007. The international business perspectives and experience in Macau and Michigan, as well as my prior experience in China, are extremely valuable to me in performing well in a dynamic environment.

People always say, “Find a good accountant and let him or her worry about the rest,” and from this statement we can understand how important an accountant is in our lives. In addition, the global market becomes more and more important in the business world recently, which provides a good opportunity and a good time for us accounting major international students. Whether or not the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) will be substituted by the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in the future, I firmly believe that it will be a wise decision for me to get both my bachelor and master degrees in US, and subsequently move towards becoming a CPA. With this, I can adapt myself to the global environments and equip myself with adequate knowledge and experience to occupy a position in a competitive profession. Meanwhile, I will learn Chinese accounting standards to have more competencies in dealing with the business occurring between US and China in the accounting field.

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It seems not an easy way but I like to challenge myself. English is my second language and I need to spend more time in understanding and studying this language. Each semester, I am able to get a scholarship from EMU and I am also recognized as I belong to the Dean’s List and Honor students. In the current semester, I am taking five classes and is preparing for GMAT, as well. It is hard to handle everything simultaneously but I do and overcome every problem. Moreover, as a former student with a strong educational background in accounting and various social experiences, I engage myself in extracurricular activities, too. I am the Member of the accounting club of EMU, Beta Alpha Psi and MACPA; I volunteer in many community services and social events; additionally, I am an individual tutor and works for the Holman Learning Center of EMU as I provide academic assistance to assigned students.

I have full confidence in my competence for undertaking advanced studies in accounting. In addition, I have an implicit faith in my proposed degree program and in a bright career that this program will make possible. I sincerely wish to make my parents proud of me, since I know it is not easy for them to provide financial support for me to study abroad. I will be appreciated if I can get financial awards, which are important for me to pursue my master degree. I will also cherish the chance and do the best I can. For this and a host of related reasons, I hope that my application will be most seriously considered.

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