Published 23 Oct 2017

My own description of Utopia is living in a society which is communally organized and no shortage for food, home for everybody and recreation is free. There is no crime or prejudice either and we live like everyday’s living seems to be the last. Our fashion never changes because we do not have tailors or dressmakers to design clothes for us. We can make our own designs as long as it does not surpass our simple standard. Our standard for clothes however is very simple and loose. Wearing fancy and colorful clothes as well as accessories is not a practice. Although there are no restrictions, we set our own boundaries just so we can be open to each other without inhibition.

Even our population is made up of multi-racial culture brought about by the unity of our endeavor and goals, we respect each other’s religion and belief but we make sure that certain political thoughts or principles must not be incorporated or tolerated to avoid impartiality and segregation of ideas. We do not feel envy and greed because everyone knows everybody by heart.

There is no need for a private property here as all people are friends. You can visit anyone and be treated as a family anytime. There is no stealing or burglary because everybody can get what he or she needs. Without the need for money we just go to our common store or groceries and pick everything we need. Although there is a difference between wants and needs, we usually go for our needs therefore everybody is practical with whatever they have. Everyone is welcome to do or make use of other’s belonging but there is no abuse by anybody. We are like great big families who seem to have previously lived together and always longing for bonding.

Our homes are always open to welcome and accept anyone. If anyone visits us we always make them feel comfortable and homely. It is like a sin for a visitor to leave our house without getting familiar with our family and our home. We do not have door locks as everyone is welcome to stay, eat, chat and sleep with us. Every new couple is provided with enough space for their home and backyard gardens. They can plant anything that pleases them.

To be able to sustain our population, everyone has to work for the benefits of the many. We have to work the usual 6 hours a day – 3 hours in the morning, a 2 hour break for lunch and rest and then 3 hours work again in the afternoon. Everyone is free to pick up his or her own working hours as long as he/she has to complete a six hours work within the day. At the end of the day, everyone goes home for supper, bond with the family, visit neighbors or friends or whatever we want. Bedtime is usually at 8 o’clock in the evening and we have to sleep for eight hours to prepare for our next day’s activities. During our free time, we can do whatever we want to do as long as it pleases us and does not bother other people.
When a woman from our family gets married, she has to stay with her husband or her husband’s family and we usually help them build their own house. For us boys, we are trained to be good fathers while we are young. We can also choose who would be our mate and each one of us is properly educated. Education is free and those who were already highly educated either teaches our young to be great or pursue further education and training which he applies to help our society.

Our world, Utopia can be considered the perfect world because everybody is happy and contented and getting along well. We sometimes call our place ‘The Great Land’, because our ancestors has made this land and us great which in many ways is true. We are happy because we live in a world of no problems and worries. No murder, rape, burglary, envy, jealousy and we don’t need politics to run our society because there is no such thing as government but only discipline and respect.


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