Published 31 Oct 2017

According to Alec Russell, Zimbabwe is a country in crisis; the problems being faced by the people in this southern nation are enormous. He observes that unless something is done this country is in the brink of collapsing.

The situation has been due to the years of misrule by a president who has clung to power for so long such that the people of this nation have known no other leader. Robert Mugabe whom many love to call an octogenarian is the root cause of the entire problem facing Zimbabwe as a country; he has brought it to its knees, leaving millions hopeless. (Russell, A 2008)

The disputed election made the matter even worse, Mugabe could not easily accept defeat, and he was not ready to relinquish power especially to the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai despite being far behind with only forty percent of the cast votes to his favor. The election results had put the country in uncertainty, many fearing for the worst like it happened in one of the African country after election results were disputed. The fact that the opposition leader claimed that he had garnered more than fifty percent votes put the country on tense state as each side claimed victory. (Russell, A 2008)

Majority of Zimbabweans could not think of another term under the rule of Mugabe,judging by the spirited campaign and the heavy turn out in opposition regions, it was out rightly clear that they were ready for regime change.Alec Russell in his article speculates that another term for Mugabe would only mean disaster for the already desperate people. He foresees situation where the Zimbabweans will continue fleeing their country for a better life elsewhere in the continent. With Mugabe back to power, he can not bring new ideas on how the country can overcome the serious challenges being faced. (Russell,A 2008) (Morgan, J 2002)

The situation in Zimbabwe is serious but all is not lost there is still some hope; the country can be saved from total collapse. This requires some sacrifice from the concerned parties.Hardline stands especially from the ruling party can only make the matter worse. They need to realize that this country needs to regain its former glory and this can only be done through putting the interest of the majority first.


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