What does ‘American’ mean to you

Published 27 Mar 2017

The diversity that exists in the United States is what has helped me to understand what it means to be American. I realized that every person had their own story to tell; from the hotdog vendor around the corner to the policeman on his beat. Each and every person here had dreams and aspiration to make it big in the United States and they worked hard to become that. These people have come in search of better fortunes. America gives them the opportunity and in return they give back by enriching the American experience. I may not have seen Brad Pitt or even Michael Jordan but I have seen the people who make America what it is.

Yet being American means so much more than just being different. Being American means being able to live in a democracy that is a result of the sacrifices that generations have made. Being American is defined by being in the land of freedom where promise and opportunity can happen for anyone, the land of the free and the home of the brave where the forefathers put their lives on the line to ensure that each and every American of the future generation would experience the Freedom of Speech and of Equality. This was a land that would be home of everyone. Nobody would be different though the color of one’s skin may differ. This was the land that through these unique qualities would also lead the world in education and technology. This is what it means to be an American; to be free in one’s own country where there abound numerous opportunities for those who are ready to seize them.

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America is different but it was also beautiful, seamlessly blending the wonderful aspects of other cultures to form an amalgam of life. The beauty of the United States comes not from the celebrities and movie-stars that abound but rather from its essence as the cultural and racial melting pot. There are so many unique people in the United States who are not even from the United States. The melting pot for all the cultures and races, the United States provides a little bit of everything for everyone. This is what being American truly is about have a chance at a better life and having the opportunity to experience something unique and wonderful. As such, this brief discussion will tackle the issue of what it means to be American in the context of the primary characteristics such as the freedoms, the opportunities and the education and technology that is available.

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