Becoming a Union Leader

Published 17 Mar 2017

Being a union leader is not a simple task. It takes a lot of courage, aggressiveness and willingness to handle such position. Face by the different controversies that many leaders are into nowadays, questions regarding the capability of a person to become a good and truthful leader is at raised. Surely, no one would like to have a leader who is not suited for the position. But what does it take to become a good union leader?

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A good union leader should set good example to his followers. He should be able to stand out and justify every action he makes. He must develop a good relationship to his followers but this doesn’t mean that he has to please each and every person because that can never happen. When making a decision, a leader must not be bias, meaning, he should weigh the ideas and opinions of others first and integrate his own idea and opinion. He should learn the art of critical thinking and listening. He should be able to make his stand and, decisions to be made should not be self-centered. Decisions made by an ideal union leader should benefit the majority. In relation to this, he must have a good communication skill when presenting or justifying decisions.

Another factor that would make a good leader is honesty; this is the most valuable asset that a leader would possess. Once a leader commits dishonesty during his time of service, it is difficult to gain the trust of his followers again. At all times, he must keep his integrity as a leader. A good union leader should also have a positive visionary outlook. His plans must be inclined to further develop his areas of concern. In making a plan, a leader should keep his word and do the necessary actions to accomplish it. He must make his plans tangible to the people. Well-developed union leaders also possess patience and takes full responsibility in his actions. In addition, he must also have the ability to stand against critics. It is essential for a union leader to be ready to hear criticisms from a camp of people; after all, critiques can not be avoided. However, one must develop his skills of repelling such critics so that his enthusiasm in doing his job will not be affected.

Not everyone could be appointed to do this job. Of course, a candidate for the position should be screened first in able to know if he is fitted for the position. In order to become a union leader, a candidate should have the necessary experience in the job. Handling lower position in the administration for a period of time would be a plus factor for the candidate. It is believed that time plays a vital role in developing readiness for office of a candidate. Perceptions of other members and officers on the candidate’s qualification for office are also essential in becoming a union leader. The candidate’s qualifications for office should be congruent with the demands of the office, thus, this suggest that an important element which influence a candidate’s self-evaluation is communication to the members or officers with positive perceptions towards his candidacy. Furthermore, the candidate’s self-perception of his ability to handle the responsibilities of the union office should also be positive. Lastly, the accomplishments of the candidate while handling positions lower than that of a union leader also counts. These accomplishments would also determine his capability in becoming a union leader because; his responsibility towards a lower task will be reflected. As a result, this would develop an implication that he would take larger responsibility in handling a much higher position.

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