Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

Published 25 Sep 2017

The Russian Revolution is comprised of numerous revolutions that took place against the Czar government of the nation and resulted in the establishment of the Bolshevik government. “They occurred during World War I, when Russian military forces were hard pressed by the Germans” (‘Russian Revolution’, 2009).

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The oppression that the Russian’s had suffered at the hands of their government over the period of time culminated in a sequence of strong revolutions in 1917 that prompted rise in liberalization in the region and led to the Bolshevik Revolution. The causes of the revolution included persistent ignorance of the value of the people’s life by the government of the region. When the Czar sent millions of people into the First World War who suffered high levels of casualty as a result of the War, the people of the country became angry and agitated at the careless attitude of their government and the lack of regard that it had for the value of its people’s lives. The other factors that contributed to the success of the Bolshevik Revolution pertained to the military incompetence of the provincial government, the lack of popularity it had amongst the people and the lack of imitative shown by other parties that aided the Bolsheviks in attaining success.

The Bolsheviks depicted a clear goal and objective of taking over the Russian government unlike the other freedom based parties in the region who suffered from the support that they gave to the provincial government for the participation in the World War I (Rowan, 2008). As a result when the support for the provincial government decreased, the appeal of the Bolshevik party increased for the people of Russia which resulted in the popularity of the Bolshevik party that contributed significantly to the success of the revolution.


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