California Proposition

Published 15 Aug 2016

According to the California proposition, 2 is a motion that the people of California had supported to be a law by voting in November 2008 that was supporting the protection of the rights of animals against any form of harmful actions. The majority of the people of California voted to support the move for protecting the farm animals which led to the government passing laws for that matter that was enacted in the laws that were protecting farm animals.

As discussed in the article by Michelle and Albrecht on genetic engineering, the proposition improved on the laws that existed before by ensuring that the farm animals are not kept in places that will limit and tamper with their rights and freedom to move freely as they carry on their various day to day activities like feeding, sleeping, excretion and reproducing among other activities. The law is expected to start being used by the time it is 2015 and people are expected to adhere to the rules strictly as noncompliance will lead to an individual or organization paying dearly for breaching the rights of the animals. Such damages that can be paid for noncompliance include being made to pay fines for the damages that have been caused to the animals and serving a prison sentence for a period that the court will be able to determine as appropriate.

Compliance with the law will require the parties involved that own and keep farm animals within and outside the state of California to make modern and decent housing facilities and other structures that will allow the animals to make movements freely and ensure the environment is safe for the animals to carry out their activities.

As pointed out in the article in the magazine by Zach Lowe on animal rights, some of the requirements that the proposition is proposing include making sure that the young animals on a farm that are kept for food purposes and other animals that are pregnant to be kept in farm structures that will be able to give them an allowance to lie down and stand up and exercise themselves among other movements that such animals need to make for the well being of their health. The proposition states that such a law will not be applied only if the animals are being transported from one to another, in the marketplace and show grounds and if the animals are being killed legally for the purposes of meeting food needs.

The effects of this law have already been felt whereby the revenues that come from the farm animals in the state of California have started dropping this is because people have started withdrawing from the activities that involve farm animals as they find the issue of complying with the laws to be too demanding and as such likely to over control them in their operations in their farms as they will be required to pay for any harm caused to the animals.

Other laws continue being formulated in relation to the California proposition that also support the rights of the animals. Such laws include those that have been made in the state of Florida that is focusing on the way the pregnant pigs are supposed to be handled during their period of pregnancy. Where majority of the people voted in support of that law. Arizona also passed a law that is protecting the young cows and the female pigs from being kept in crates that limit their movements. In Oregon, a supporting law was enacted that is protecting pigs that reproduce to be kept in free farm structures. Colorado also a law was passed that made sure that the farm structures like crates that were limit the free movements of animals are not completely used as expressed in the article by Breyer and Amy on animal cruelty.

Other countries outside the United States like Germany, Sweden, and Austria among others have supported the California proposition by banning the battery cages that are used for keeping hens. Other supporters of the proposition include people from other professionals like law, charity organizations, religious organizations like churches, farmers, healthcare workers, animal doctors, political leaders, journalists and celebrities among other people that are offering support in the implementation and enactment of the laws that are included in the proposition.

In support of the California proposition various lobby groups for animal rights and various societies are making improvements and initiating changes that will ensure that the animals are being treated in a fair and just ways as they have feelings that need to be protected in order to provide for us the products that we use for food and other purposes. This will be the only way forward for us as human beings to be able to protect the animals that make and support our life to be more comfortable for us to enjoy.

The general welfare of the animals is being focused in this act as it ensures that they are prevented from diseases that can arise from the way farm structures are made and free movements will enable the animals to build on their body immune system which is an essential part for the animal to be able to survive for long and serve the people who need their products in the best ways possible.

In support of this proposition the farm structures will be able to be maintained to the level of cleanliness that is suitable for the animals health as the cases of diseases that result from animals and birds like bird flu among others will reduce to minimal levels if not be eliminated completely from occurring. The way the leftovers of the animal foods, their waste products, and carcasses are being disposed of will hopefully be improved to avoid contracting diseases that become so expensive to treat and control.

The animals deserve to be served in a manner that is appropriate as they help us by serving us in different ways that meet our day to day life. The protection of their rights is the only best way in which we can be able to protect their future and our future too as human beings as our existence tends to rely on the existence of the animals and in that case the farm animals. That is why laws like the California proposition are being implemented to protect the animals by ensuring that where they are kept and what they eat among other issues concerning the animals are well examined.

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