Ending the War

Published 18 Oct 2017

If I can do anything I want even if I only have a day for it, I would want to be a President of the country. I will, of course, address all the dilemmas of the country, including critical issues that entail poverty, unemployment, violence, education, global warming, drug abuse, school shooting, homelessness, stem cell research, abortion, injustice, racial discrimination, drunk driving, immigration, etc. However, my major focus will be on addressing the issues with regards to the war and carry out everything to be able to put a stop to it.

As president of the United States of America and with all the power that I possess, I will terminate the war. As a person, I am exceedingly tempted to just order my men to annihilate all life forms in Iraq, or any other place where terrorists are typically dwelling, but then I know in my heart that if innocent people get hurt then such war will never end; instead it will only be the beginning. Thus, I will just use my power in the right way and carry out everything in the legal & most humanitarian manner.

First is to “decrease the size, scope, as well as, duration of the utilization of military force” (Reuters Foundation, 2007). I will not of course totally withdraw immediately; instead, I will gradually withdraw my troops from the location of the war.

Furthermore, I will ask those Representatives to establish a resolution that opposes any former decision to send additional troops to Iraq, for instance, and at the same time cut/cancel the funds allocated for the expenses of the troops to be sent there (Reuters Foundation, 2007).

Then, I will provide instructions to the United States House of Representatives to initiate a bill that would disallow the “utilization of funds for the war” (Reuters Foundation, 2007). I have to do this because I am extremely aware that participating in a war entails too much budget and so if I make it illegal to utilize the country’s money for it, then war would definitely end.


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