Fischer’s Ride of Paul Revere

Published 14 Feb 2017

One of the common mistakes committed in prose writing is the misconception of some titles which are coherently known to be the same at some sort. Due to excessive indulgence to a certain piece or legend, most writers confuse themselves over the difference of the form and style of how the paper is to reach the bookish contemporary society.

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The art of poetry and the drama of novels are often misunderstood onto how it must be taken and internalized by some readers. In the other side of the coin, world-renowned author David Hackett Fischer found the delight of moving the symbol of poetry in one of the wondrous legends which has ever slapped the world of literature. Giving a whole new gist of history and poetry wrapped into one. The midnight ride of the legendary – Paul Revere, enhanced in a rarely worked historical distinction (Fischer).

Perhaps, most would have the gist of the book mistaken over Longfellow’s all-time “children” poetry; considerably lying on the same thought, but definitely beyond the bookish craft made by Fischer. This popular notable book of the year catered the “full legendary” story over “what really happened” during that certain momentous evening in American History.

It catered not only the “considered” immortality of the famous hero Paul Revere, but it gave birth on to establishing also the other brave men who took part of the triumphant ride. The book did not only offer the typical ideas and descriptions which most writers who wrote about the heroic act of Paul Revere, but Fischer dug deep onto giving the precise facts of the span of development of the “actors” as well as with the thrills of the events on that momentous night.

Fischer was able to stress deeper on the outbreak of revolution as well as with the emergence of the American republic. Which if compared to other pieces written by other authors, only gives the outline of the events and not dwelling more on the respective lives of the characters. Furthermore, there had been certain mishaps on other written outputs about the “ride”, like who took part as the watch-out over the antagonists, the participants on the revolutionary movement, the interpretations on the blast of war at Lexington and Concord. All of which, never escaped the claws of Fischer’s enthusiasm on historical writing.

His narrations were significantly running on the arena of using the Freytag Pyramid technique, a form of writing which gives stories a different twist of efficiency in its ability to be comprehended, hence, offering an effective way on soothing and flowing along with the emotions predicted to be felt by conventional readers.

His art in giving the scheme of the plot was metrically made so as to give the right amount of tension and divulge just the suitable amount of anticipatable convictions as he had beautifully defined Paul Revere on the first part of the book in the simplest yet factual manner, his technique in placing pictures of “real’ artifacts so as to convey evidences on his descriptions were considerably helpful as well.

In addition to that, he gave a perfect illustration as Fischer elaborated how each part of the story took their respective roles, defined in a refined manner thus already giving the audience a piece of ignition as he is to introduce the passage to the rising action of the historical night. Later after the emotion is to be heated up by giving the conflict, he comprises the climax in an indulging peak of emotion, giving facts and perceptions and details which will give thrills to readers, taking their imagination back to the century where horses were galloping and Revere, along with his humble men, race their way on to giving the warning to their people.

As the conflict has reached the peak of revolutionary précis, followed with the catering of the twists and turns of the conflict and the climax itself, Fischer gives the resolutions on the fate of those who have ridden their horses.

Not totally giving the readers a feeling of emptiness for having their hero caught up with the maze of misfortune. Like all the other versions of the historical ride, the falling action propose the resolutions with an ounce of emotion, that not all misfortunes come in a dead end, fate etches answers to questions and thus giving right solutions to problems; a story of success, a legend of America’s glorious history having Paul Revere, the “god” who preached safety.

Understanding and comprehending the real message conveyed in the story is indeed still one of the most controversial issues in history. The night, which commenced on the 19th day of April still lingers in the firing emotions of those who love history, who are now enjoying freedom. It is quite interesting to note that indeed, not all of those who have fought and who shed blood for the name of its country and for its people have been given extra credit by doing their heroic acts.

Considerably, they are only known as “side-kicks” not as popular as those who were considered as the “leading” actor. But Fischer gave a breakthrough on such dilemma in books and in history. He recognizes the efforts of those who shared a piece in baking the cake of freedom.

Paul Revere’s role may have been mythologized over many books and myths and poetry about him done over the decade, however, he was still a real patriot himself. Fischer’s book rendered not all battle talk, or hero talk or odd talk about the “Patriot’s night”, it was more than that. Reading his version of the legend will make one think of the events which perhaps never crossed the mind. Conceivably influenced by all the other works read during the primary years, or hear-says being heard each and every night uttered by the “elders”. Not all books are factual. Sometimes, it is rather better to do researches on people, on events, especially those which are hailed.

Nothing beats the concisely and precisely crafted masterpieces in the world of poetry, having catered real people, with the real events, with the exactness of the thrills. All the ingredients are dressed carefully and completely furnished in the most accurate but artistic way so as to express not only the knack of writing, but or history as well.


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