History and Relics of UAE

Published 03 Nov 2017

Like all other countries and cultures, much may be discovered about UAE through the examination of its history and relics. Many of these important discoveries concern the country livelihood, culture, art and people. Most of these aspects of life in UAE exist as a result of the country’s location in the world. As already mentioned, UAE has a very important strategic location in relation to its community, to the natural resources and to the countries surrounding it.

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The people of UAE in the past are adept at making potteries as evidenced by the different types of potteries that are found in the area. These potteries encompass one very important source of livelihood because, as it has been discussed above, they are one of the products that UAE have ordinarily exported to other countries. However, many of these potteries are more than just art and livelihood because, as will be discussed later, they reflect a very important part of UAE’s culture-its religion.

As regards its location, the first of the several benefits derived from its location is its advantage in terms of inter-country commerce, trade and transportation. Throughout the several periods in the history of the world, UAE has been engaged in trade and export of its products and resources such as copper, diorite stones and stone potteries. Second, the bodies of water located around and within the country have exposed it to other cultures and facilitated the development of good relationship with other countries. Being a very important route for many countries, UAE has become witness to the crossing of many cultures within its territory. In fact, it has been influenced by many developments in other countries and, in some instances, had to play a role in these external events and developments. Examples of these events and influences are the Roman Greek Eras and the days following the collapse of the Ma’rib Dam.

This location also facilitated the formation and survival of communities and civilization within the countries territory. Many oases and other bodies of formation made survival in a dry area such as UAE possible for settlers. The importance of water for people in UAE is proved by the location of settlements of the community in the country. As observed, their communities are often formed near an oasis.


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