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Published 20 Dec 2016

How music Influences Listeners over time

Music has its different purposes and reason of use to different people. But no matter what that reason is music has always affected people in different ways. Music has its wide use like in dance, therapy, entertainment or whether it may be a part of rituals and other cultural use. Many people nowadays feel that music is a part of their lives and makes up their personality. At times people attributes you to the kind of music you listen to and determines your attitude as well. Although at some point it is not necessarily true that the kind of music you listen to makes a totality of what your personality. Sometimes people think that just because music is a big part of the person, actions and decision are sometimes affected by it. At some point it maybe correct but I say that people do not just base their actions on the type of music they listen to but they do want they want based on whatever they think is appropriate and just for them.

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Music has also been widely use for therapy. Soothing music helps therapeutically by stimulating a persons mind to relax and decrease stress in their body. Some research shows that music helps improve blood circulation, decrease blood pressure, improve breathing and helps inpidual to cope easily in the environment when in pain or hospitalized. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music helps ease depression and aids to memory loss by stimulating the immune system. Studies also shows when premature infants listen to lullaby and other soothing songs it helped them gain weight.

Music also helps relieved children anxieties during their hospital stay because of the painful procedures and medical exam done to them. A pediatric music program used music as their form of therapy for asthma patients by enhancing their breathing while listening to music. Other studies regarding music shows that it is even helpful to adults and geriatric inpiduals especially those that are living in stressful way. It helps them cope up with stress easily and helps function better by improving their health conditions.

In some way or the other music have its effects on people. The different style of music makes people look and act persely. People take music in a different level based on how much they have understood and how persuaded they are. The impact of music to everyone was more of a fashion statement. It causes people to act in extremes at times even merely to those that have not quiet understood it. It is kind of fashion in a way that it dictates the type of dress you wear and even the people you are with. Listeners get a hang of what they listen to because it’s a way where they could actually express themselves.

Music inspires people to be a part of something, its way of finding something that really shows a part of you that you want to share with others. For example not everyone can sing but why is that every time we hear a song we feel like singing to it. When a new artist or singer that comes out why do we think that this person attracts many people? It is because the listeners identifies and embarks themselves to the artist’s music and style.

Nowadays music has been blamed for demeaning and corrupting teenagers mind. Rap music has been heavily associated to crimes while rock and heavy metals are attributed to have dark thoughts that influence young teens to commit suicide. Media believes that rap and rock songs are to blame for the bad behaviors that teenagers have nowadays. Some parents also blame rap and rock music in influencing their child to behave badly but the real reason is unseen really. Rap music does not influence teenagers to shoot people or to commit crimes it is mainly about the life, the hardship of the artist before becoming artists. It speaks about reality and what is going and not what should be going on but of course some people thinks its easier to blame rap artists like Snoop Dog or Eminem regarding teenage life. Rock artists are also blamed for teenagers who act violently or even those who commits suicide.

But what they neglect to know is the real problem that these teenagers have. Heavy metals and rock artists mainly attracts teenagers on their fashion and not about violence. They do not pierce themselves or tear their pants because they are in favor violence but they do these because it’s a way of expressing themselves differently. One does not act violent even if his clothes are different from the rest, although the clothes we wear is a part of the personality that we have it is not the basis for acting violently or committing suicide. A persons clothing does not defy his decency or for committing something bad. Parents and media should keep in mind that if teenagers are responsible and have been raced well they would never do something that could hurt them or the people around them (Cyber Essays, 1998).

One of the many artists who is very influential to the music industry is Eric Clapton. He has greatly influenced other musicians like him to be in the industry of music and has made great music all throughout his career and even presently. He has become legendary for being in the industry of music. He was established as one of the world’s major rock stars and one of the best guitarists of his generation. His genre was on rock music but is different from the heavy metals and rock songs presently. Classic rock, country rock, hard rock, blues, pop and soul types of music are one of many his styles.

Listeners like his kind of music because his music is very authentic and even though he has change his style whether it maybe blues or rock, but he has never left his roots on the kind of music he would play. His music is always about where he comes from and about his personal experience in life. Using his personal up’s and down in life Eric Clapton brought listeners an insight , wisdom and inspiration by showing that although he is an artist his life experiences is just the same as any other human being. His listeners like his kind of music because it shows reflection of his work. His works are attributed to the people that he meets and has inspired him.

As an artist his music was also influenced by other artists like him including Bob Dylan. His music is arranged in a distinct way that connects to listeners. The authenticity of his work is truly magnificent. He just not writes song because it’s what he does but he writes his music in a way that his music would live up to his life. His music touches his listeners personally and encourages them about life’s struggle. This is why Eric Clapton is praised by many artists that he influenced and those listeners he was able to connect with. Music has played a crucial part in his life as well as to those around him.

Music is important to listeners because it allows me have a momentarily leap towards their problems or whatever stressful situation they are faced. It allows them to think differently and allows them to be creative. Music influences everyone for a long period of time in whatever genres or period of development because it speaks what we are not able to. Listening to music somehow eases discomforts and even pain to some. It is widely spread because music connects to people. They defy the barriers of men, race, culture and even the social status. People from different country are able to share music because music does not give any criteria of who should learn or listen to it. People listen to music because it gives them something to listen to. Listening to music influences people differently whether it may be positively or negatively, it does not regard whether the person is bad or good.


Each person has their own cultural heritage, parental roots and other self notion that plays a great impact on the things that influences them. Music is a big part of this. Music influences an inpidual in differently and in many ways. Music is everywhere, whether it is on the radio, television, internet, in the malls and or even the places that we never thought it would be. People listen to music with whatever reasons they have. It may or may not influence them but music definitely plays a big part of people’s lives. Music can be a form of attraction or entertainment to the people who listen to it.

Listeners as a whole listen to music with different reasons whether it may be a positive one or not. Music is a way to connect, to belong and even to be accepted by some. Listeners today take music as a part of who they are or what they are. Listeners are able to identify themselves to the music they listen to. It allows them to think outside the box. The kind of music they choose shows a percentage of what they cannot express freely. It does not mean though that if your music is not a soothing like heavy metals or rap song makes you a disturbed person but it’s a way to show that these songs are actually just outlet of the things that we are not in control of.

Music effects vary because of its distinctness. One of the many effects of music is therapy. Music is a therapy, some people may not be aware of that but music can heal. It helps people at a very emotional stage to get over depression. Studies shows how music can calm people with anxieties and helps them cope with stress easily. Music stimulates the brain according to some researchers those babies that listen to music shows weight gain. People that have a hard time getting over things listen to music to help them somehow forget. It helps them in forgetting the pain or loss. Music has influenced listeners to move on especially those people who have lost someone.

The type of music people listen to also reflects the kind of mood they are in. Whether you’re happy or sad music has its way of comforting you. It alleviates your feelings towards something. Couple who listen to music helps them to relax and enjoy the times they have with each other. After losing someone really important to you, you listen to music in order to remember that person and the memories that you have and suddenly you realize that it’s not that bad after all. Teenagers are heavily influenced by music, it is because young generation nowadays is faced with different battles in life and music helps them cope up. Although there are a lot of stereotypes regarding music influences in teenagers, music still play an important role in today’s generation. Teenagers are able to identify themselves as a person that somehow at times when the world has misunderstood them, the music that they listen to helps them think that whatever life shows and brings they are not the only ones that have gone through this stage.

Whether it maybe Eminem, Michael Jackson or Eric Clapton and many other artists, music will continue to influence listeners. Music inspires listeners to be a pat of something. It even helps people in a lot of way. Eric Clapton had music with him through the ups and down of his life. He became a part of something and helped people become a part of him as well. His listeners are influenced in a good way to the insights and wonders of life. Through his music he was able to influence other artists like him to write songs that inspire and motivate people in their dreams. Many listeners are influenced by his music because it reflects the true person he really is. Music is a crucial part of his life just as his listeners.

Music will continue to influence listeners over a longer period of time. Music is a universal language that connects nations and people together. No matter how music has influenced you or how important it is to a person it is still wise that when we become a part of something we take responsibility of it. Listeners listen to music because of different or even personal reasons but it does not define who we really are. We all are different in our choices or even preferences but certainly one thing connects us all and that is the love of music. But let us still take into accounts that whatever or whoever influences us, we still have a choice and enough reasoning to justify whatever actions we make in our lives.


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