Institutionalizing Octogenarians

Published 21 Dec 2016

The government organizations should help the elders to be still essential and useful to the society. This is to prepare them for the later years of their life because it is a fact on today’s current government that elders are considered as not-useful in the society. The aim of the government should be to help the elders to raise a standardized living and the privilege of the human rights. It is important that the government should help the old people to cope up with the society as to be treated with the proper respect they deserve. The respect’s coverage that should be given to them considers privacy, an assurance of income, housing, a safe environment, and also the benefits of health services as much as welfare services.

The government should consider the “must and most” of the elders’ needs. In order to decide for this matter, the local and the national government should be aware on the current changes of the society. The new generation of this age tends to be taking of advantage to the elders such as to considering them as useless and should not be given attention to but hence the elders should be given their right to all the privilege that they are entitled to and they deserve.

The support of the elder’s family such as cooperation and assistance is essentially needed by the elders in order for them to effectively and successfully cope up with their environment and with the changes that happen around them. This must be as well followed by the society to provide a safe assured environment for the elders. The government is entitled to raise funds in order to conduct seminars in different places in order to explain the essence of family and environment on the elders’ life. This is for the relatives and the society to learn the value of their care and being there for the old people.

The elders should have the access to institutional treatments which includes the special geriatric medical assistance. It is important that the government should provide an effective rehabilitation for all the elders in order to sufficiently learn how to cope up with the environmental and societal changes. Those elders who cannot comply or follow with the coping mechanism are being entitled to welfare; this is done especially to open certain care treatment. The main purpose of this is to provide for the preservation of the elder people’s autonomy as much as an environment considered home. This is stated in the Bill of Rights for Older Americans stated as the Act of 1965. This act is said to be a policy which includes all the rights that an elder person must be given privilege of and assurance of a better kind of living.

The elders now a day are considered as not-useful part of the society and the government. In order to change this view from the people, there is a certain policy that tends to offer the elders the opportunity to be treated as a person on the same level of those who are young regardless of the age. The elders should be given their rights to live the way that they want as long as they do abide the law, they should be treated proper respect especially with their lives which include their being entitled to privacy, and that the government should help them to seek for jobs or even give them opportunity to show what they still can do. The government is also responsible for giving other assistance that the elders badly need in order to cope up with the society.

Therefore, regardless of the age and the fact that the elders can no longer be productive for the name of the society and government, they should be provided the necessities that they need as a change for their early ages where they’ve made contributions to the government as well as to the society.


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