Published 22 Feb 2017

I. The Useful of Internship

The internship is an opportunity of a student to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in planned, supervised work. This contributes to student’s personal and professional development through challenging work assignments. An internship is distinguished from a part-time or a temporary job by its “learning agenda”. The intern and prospective employer sit down and outline the opportunities the student will experience, thus meeting both of their needs.

The internship is useful to students because it is an actual opportunity to work in career or professional environment and have the chance to evaluate, reflect upon and try a career field. The personal and social growth as the students reinforces skills and interest in the work environment. It helps students develop job search skills and income to meet the financial needs of post-secondary education and living expenses. Finally, it is a means for employers to obtain current technology and skills that students bring them to the jobsite.

I believed that I can help this company with my knowledge in marketing strategy I had in my schools on how respond the client that still inside the core values of marketing. The learning philosophy I have helps in making solution and action for the company.

II. Advantage of Internship at Voxiva

1. Knowledge

My knowledge in communication and writing skills will help me in supporting the people working; especially with the new and high technology that penetrates the remote area where internet is impossible to reach. This will applied my knowledge on using the hybrid telephone but able to analyzed the information with graphical and audio interfaces and able to analyze how my marketing strategy would be more enhance and applied later on to whatever company I am going to work for.

Like for example in trouble shooting and solving problem that field doctor in the Ucayali jungles of Peru who was caring for a pregnant woman with complications. Estimating that she had less than 20% chance of survival, he sent her to a hospital in the nearest city and reported the case on the Voxiva system. An SMS was sent to the mobile phones of an obstetrician and a specialist that were taking part in a national strike of public health workers. After receiving the alert, they returned to the hospital and were able to save her life (Voxiva, 2006). My excellent communication in this area will be tested especially in handling pressure as what the doctor do to his patient.
Another advantage I can give in the company is my competitive ability it will help the Company Voxiva in working with other company stated by Pablo Bermudez the Director of Electronic Government of Latin America and the Caribbean; because it is a “leading global provider of practical information solutions to strengthen health care systems, enhance safety and improve government service delivery,” thus, my communication marketing strategy would be helpful.

I believed that the clients work in diverse environments, often beyond the reach of the Internet, the systems do too. Voxiva solutions and my expertise “leverage the world’s 2 billion mobile phones as well as fixed-line phones, PCs, PDAs and other technologies to cast a much broader reach than Internet-only solutions. Aside from that it is a US-based company, Voxiva was founded in 2001 and is currently working in Peru, Argentina, India and Rwanda.” (Voxiva, 2006). My ability to work with the different personalities and background will greatly helps Voxiva. These countries believe to less develop compared to U.S.A. and because of my ability to persuade and influence they will continue to see Voxiva as an effective in those areas how much more in the more develop countries. This helps my knowledge broaden on diverse environment in dealing people that leverage solutions not only in one country but more countries. This also can help me effectively in helping the needy and diverse people all over the world later on.

Being Advantage in having the knowledge in marketing working in Voxiva it will increase my strategy of giving solutions to immediate problems and the competitive analysis that I have would be more noticeable everyday for I can witness how the company gives solutions that allow the users in the field to be able to submit real-time data reports to the system via web, phone, text messaging or PDA. The data they submit can easily analyze and it’s easy for the supervisors to communicate and give fast actions.

Working with them is best because I can apply the technique in launching new product the strategy I have in providing the maintenance in the communication infrastructure, the hardware and software with 24/7 is available. This will give saving to the clients. The service I can extend are unique that made them easily recognize in the market and attract more clients. In fact they have now “health agencies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the United States.” (Voxiva, 2006). Because I am output oriented the Voxiva will be known to other top companies with the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, Department of Health and Local Government. The trust they give to the company is also the trust I will received and proud bringing their name when am going to apply later on other company that I was once working before and I learned a lot their marketing strategy and share also my knowledge which I can used on the new environment I will be working.

The strategic planning I have would be implemented in the company will ensure my future in working with other agencies and countries that trusted Voxiva. My ability in market research would be more improve with my exposure working on this company. The continue research to give solutions are because of the different heads that are energetic Boards of Directors of Voxiva who are reliable and competent to make the dreams of helping the World combat the epidemic crises that get the biggest budget in the Governments funds.

2. The Company and Corporate Environment

Being with these Boards is my gratitude working and listening to their ideas. The people behind the Voxiva are top calibers that are known globally of their expertises consulted with the top management of many of the world’s foremost companies. Just reading by their different background, I can say that they are very blessed just like the Voxiva Company they are Unique that cannot be question. Imagine working with these descents and superior brain people, I could say I am too brilliant just like them because as I listen to them everyday the way they work and decide would influence my way of action to the immediate solution and the sales support they give would make me difference in my chosen field.

The American people work hard to meet their target even in pressured time that needs immediate actions and plan. This will challenge my ability to response and be able to recognize that I have the ability and strategy to share to them. We will have a good working environment in sharing the different marketing strategies that promotes positive response from the company and clients. While learning to bring information to the field the company will acknowledge my capability and get attention, it is most important that the message be worthwhile and interesting to the clients and company. So, visibility must always have credibility.

3. Behavior

My behavior towards working the different conditions and giving solutions immediately would be develop especially in the remote areas that needs strict monitor because of the disease outbreaks that arise especially the HIV/AIDS. According to Amber Maitland, that the “project, which is jointly developed by GSMA and Voxiva, a technology firm, will help to track outbreaks of HIV/AIDS and flu because it lets doctors send information to a central location where outbreaks can be mapped and tracked.” In addition, GSMA’s director of strategic initiatives, Ben Soppitt, told the BBC, “This will allow health officials to see real-time accurate data on the status of the healthcare system in their country so they can make informed decisions about where those resources are applied”. The company’s CEO, Rob Conway, also noted, “The efforts of the international health community to control pandemics, by getting life-saving drugs to those in need, depend heavily on a comprehensive and accurate picture of what is happening on the ground”.

The ability of getting customer surveys would be advantage to me that the Voxiva can offer. In that way I can get my target markets through sound strategic thinking, planning and creative execution, this can help build brand and increase market share. My behavior would develop in a multidimensional, emphasizing the total customer experience, and not just one aspect. It should convince the prospects that they are the clear-cut choice to fulfill the expectations.

My behavior being a professional will be enhance in serving the clients for Voxiva said that organization reach and gain insights on its operations by maximizing the impact of the solutions requires that each implementation configured to be best support the people, processes and technologies employed. Each solution brings with it a standard implementation package that your project manager works with you to configure to your particular situation.

The Project Manager will work with your team in all aspects of the solution planning, requirements gathering, configuration and deployment. Along the way, we will train your systems administrators, who, over time, will be able to maintain and enhance the solution themselves.

Consultation behavior on my part would be seen as influence working this intelligent people. Because it makes me recognizes that each organization has different situations, needs and requirements to satisfy. Although I have gone to great extents to ensure that the bundled services which accompany each solution are sufficient to implement the system successfully, In addition it helps me recognize that additional efforts, activities and inputs may be required or desired in order to make an implementation successful.


Finally, I can say that being intern in the unique company Voxiva has given me so much advantage in adding my knowledge to be alert and accurate in giving solutions that is based on the core values imparted. The team who are seasoned and professional greatly helps develop my potential being a leader in the future in optimizing my knowledge different marketing strategies to act accordingly with the immediate actions in critical situations, in getting the surveys to the target market. The behavior I have would meet needs in the field of marketing the products and the management also showed good relations that will enhance my being to act like them in the implementation and consultation with the different agency and government. I can say that choosing Voxiva in the internship of my career is a win decision and makes me a great planner and decision maker.
I enjoy sharing my experiences in global business with others in different communities. This is both a way to give back to my community in sharing the knowledge impart to them, and gain public exposure for my internship. This is the type of win-win scenario I like to create. There is never a reason why we cannot give back while we are working toward a larger goal.


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