Love and Relationship

Published 15 Aug 2016

  1. In life, there is an instance where men and women are confused to choose the person whom they want to share their life with. For both men and women, generally, they prefer their partner to be physically beautiful, attractive, and intelligent. However, as they mature, their preferences changes. Men look for women who can understand their busy schedule. They prefer women who are capable of handling their kids and their home. In addition, they look for women who do not control them. Women, on the other hand, prefer men who are interested in their future family relationship, hard- working, and who can handle struggles in a relationship. Moreover, women are most attracted to men who can take care of her and their future children, so financial capability matters. In both men and women, they prefer a partner who is loyal and who can be trusted with their love.

  2. The four types of love are storge, agape, philia, and eros love. These types have similarities in the sense that it involves two or more people loving each other. However, they differ in the intentions. The storage love or affection is the instinctual love. It begins to love for the sake of loving instinctively like the love of the mother to her child. Agape love is the unconditional or self- giving love. For Christians, agape is God’s love, which is perfect, unconditional, and eternal. The phile love, on the other hand, is the love for friends which is rooted from the social need of every human being. It is also the love that connects the siblings. Finally, the eros love is the sexual affection, passion or desire that sometimes others confuse it with lust.

  3. The four factors to maintain the intimate relationship are love and intimacy, honesty, constant communication, and trust. Love is the very important element of a relationship. It binds the couple together and absence of which will ruin the relationship. Aside from love, there should also be intimacy in the sense that the partners shall know well their own personality and characteristics and that of their partner and should know how to empathize with the feeling of his or her partner. Honesty is another important factor because it is required that the couple should be to open to each other. In a relationship, it is important that both partners are honest with each other and be aware of their own flaws because a relationship without truth is nothing at all. Another factor that will help maintain a relationship is the constant relationship. Some relationships end up dry because the partners are no longer updated of each other’s status especially when they are both working. Changes happen swiftly and problems may be encountered anytime. In order for the relationship to last, the partners shall keep abreast of each others situation. Trust, as the last factor, should be present in a relationship. Couples should have faith that their partner is loyal to them. In addition, it is important that they both are honest to each other so that they will easily be trusted. The trust will even make the relationship stronger because it will wipe out suspicions and doubts. Through trust, the partners can feel safe with the relationship even if they are away from each other. Furthermore, with trust, arguments can be avoided.

  4. Communication and sex do not necessarily need to be done verbally. Holding each other’s hands, looking into each other’s eyes, hugging each other intimately, and kissing are some techniques that couple may do to enhance their communication and sex.

  5. In order to prevent rape, here are some suggestions;

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    First, it is important that an individual is very aware of her environment, the people, the place and mood of the place where she is staying. Second, make sure that you do not appear provocative or seductive. Some men are tempted when they see women wearing provoking dresses like the miniskirt, plunging necklines, see-through dresses, and others that almost reveal flesh. While it is alright to wear those dresses, it also important to make sure to wear them on proper places and occasions.

    Third, when going out to a party where drinking alcohol is unavoidable, make sure to bring trusted friends who can take care of you when you’re drunk. Fourth, make sure to lock all doors and windows when going out of the house, going to bed, or even while inside the house especially if you just moved into a new house. Fifth, avoid speaking with strangers and giving personal information to them. Sixth, consider having an electronic device installed in your house to access outside view and to access patrol in case of emergency. Seventh, avoid walking in an uninhabited street or path because some lawless elements attack on those places instead chooses the busy or those lighted streets or pathways. Eighth, make sure to inform your friends or family of your whereabouts, your companions and time you’ll get home. Ninth, hesitate to enter an elevator when there is a person inside that you can’t trust or uneasy to be with. Tenth, be alert to know who is behind you and if you are being followed. Go to the direction where there are many people or to the police station. When you are driving and being followed by another car, make necessary actions attract attention and drive through the police station. Eleventh, report to the proper authorities the suspicious person that you strongly believe is a rapist. Twelfth, when driving, don’t stop to assist suspicious strangers. Instead, call the police and report the emergency need of the stranger. And last, if rape persists, try to resist with all your force.

  6. In some poor nations, rape is part of their traditional punishment. In a murder case, some culture allows the rape of the perpetrator’s sister as a retribution for the lost life. Also in some nations, women are not given much respect and so the men abuse them by raping them. In rich nations, the husband usually allows their wife to be used by their friends. Moreover, the cultural belief of “eye to eye, tooth for tooth” allows rape as the punishment for the crime of rape committed. Even if there are laws that criminalize the act, there are still people who reinforce it because of their tradition and culture. Lack of education is also one factor why in some areas, their culture prevails then the laws.

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