Marijuana: a Forbidden Plant

Published 25 May 2017


Marijuana has been one of the most controversial plants in history and humanity will forever be reminded of it’s difference from all of the plants in the world. There have been many curious people who want to seek a lot of answers regarding this issue about Marijuana. Many people are bothered by this emerging curiosity. There is definitely a unique qualification with regards to Marijuana despite its somewhat equal qualities with some other plants. Now here pops out the staggering focal question of it all. Today, there is a growing concern and curiosity on why Marijuana has become a forbidden plant while poppies and other psychoactive plants remain legal? Marijuana is different due to its addictive effect.


Such is the effect of Marijuana to people that it has been one of the most addictive substances in the world. Marijuana is considered as one of the most usually abused illegal drugs in the U.S. and around the world as well. Why is it like this? There’ll be more elaboration about it later. For now, there is a need to understand the composition of Marijuana. Marijuana is a dry, shredded brown and green mixture of flowers, seeds, leaves and stems that is acquired from the hemp plant named Cannabis Sativa. There is chemical in Marijuana that acts as the main active content. It is called delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol. To memorize that term easily, it is short for THC.


In order to categorize and differentiate Marijuana from other psychoactive plants, there is a must to understand what are psychoactive plants. Psychoactive plants are plant compounds that alter people’s mental state rather than their physical state. Plant compounds are also called as “entheogen”. There are also substances that bring forth hallucinations. These substances are called Hallucinogens. Hallucinations cause surrealistic perceptions among a person which results to hearing, seeing, feeling or smelling different things that are not actually existing during that moment.


So here comes the point regarding Marijuana having a status as an illegal plant.. Marijuana has had a long history with regards to its legality issues. Ever since the early 1920s, the issue of Marijuana’s legality has become a controversial matter in the United States. Until now, there are huge discussions regarding its appropriate status.

To give clear realizations about the legality issues of Marijuana, there is a need to analyze the pros and cons that it brings to the table and to society. Starting off with the possibly positive effects of Marijuana’s legality; if it is made legal and taxes are imposed on it, the United States government can reap tax benefits from it. Others also claim its legality on the basis of medicinal purposes. Many people, especially those who are terminally ill that see Marijuana as a very efficient cure, support its legalization campaign. Another reason of people’s clamor for its legalization is the possible implication that it can bring to the economy of the United States. The potential productivity and profit of growing Marijuana can be a big help to farmers. All of these reasons are provided by people who are on the side for pro-legalization of Marijuana, and they are also the same people who fail to realize the possible negative effects if it is made legal. There is a bigger picture regarding this issue.

The negative implications of making Marijuana legal can be clearly seen in so many aspects and factors. One possible effect of making Marijuana legal is the fact that once it is made legal, it would be very difficult to prohibit it ever again. Another obvious reason why it should be kept illegal is the fact that once it is made legal, the possibility of having so many high people would be risk to society and the whole country as well. There are many things that a person can do when high. Hallucinations and other unrealistic fantasies and perceptions can be produced by an individual due to Marijuana. The risk of safety is on a high with regards to that certain person or even to people around him or her.


According to Michael Pollan and his book ‘The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World”, Marijuana is reflected to show intoxication. It is true that Marijuana has been a very famous illegal plant. It’s difference from other psychoactive plants is that society has been so drawn to Marijuana that it has been a factor of culture. The world is not new to Marijuana and in fact, in some countries, it is legal. But its notoriety has become a very addictive and a very appealing plant to people. People are much drawn to Marijuana than any other psychoactive plants ever since. Due to the growing public who wants to legalize it, there is also a widening concern regarding safety. Marijuana is is very much different from other psychoactive plants. It is commonly smoked in a pipe or as a cigarette. This simple act can be done in many places if it becomes legalized. Imagine different places where people can smoke Marijuana and get high. This can be an alarming matter if people fore go this act.

The interest in Marijuana is definitely higher than any other psychoactive plants that exists in the world today. The other psychoactive plants are very minimal and it is not as common as Marijuana because the latter has become a black market entity as well.


So for people who still argue about the reasons behind the illegal status of Marijuana, they should understand that Marijuana is a very popular psychoactive plant in the world. Many people tend to use it and eventually they get high. The risk of having so many high people in society is such a very risky matter. Marijuana’s effects can be fatal if abused and controlling its use might serve to be hard once it is legalized. It is reasonable enough that Marijuana is illegal due to its abusive effect on people and its possible effect on society. Just think about the possible implications of its legalization. It’s potential is very risky. The rich history of Marijuana has made it a very popular plant but it’s fame also makes it a very dangerous aspect to society if it becomes legalized and worse abused by people.

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