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Published 23 Feb 2017

It is certain that Barack Obama would make the best United States president. All his plans on matters of national security, foreign policy, economy, trade, health care, crime, climate, education signifies that he is ready and able to lead a country that demands new leadership. Obama’s political propaganda, eloquent speeches, massive campaigns and various supporters manifest that he would make it to the presidency.
This position will be supported by arguments. First, on account of his stand on national security and foreign affairs issue, Obama is a champion. It was Felsen (2007) who wrote that:

Obama said that the war in Iraq and President Bush’s failed foreign policy had made us less safe than we were before 9/11 attack, and outlined a new, comprehensive strategy to fight global terrorism. Obama declared that by refusing to end the war in Iraq, Bush had given it permission for a United States occupation of unknown length, at undetermined cost, with unknown consequences. (1)

Definitely, Obama meant that he would like to decide for a war that has to be won including the implementation of comprehensive strategy involving five elements.

Felsen outlined these five elements and these include getting out of Iraq and on to the correct battlefield in Afghanistan and Pakistan; developing the capabilities and partnerships we need to take out the terrorists and the world’s most deadly weapons; engaging the world to dry up support for terror and extremism; restoring our values; and securing a more versatile place to live (Felsen 1). In support of this argument, many leading foreign policy experts commented that Obama has presented a thoughtful, substantive and comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy (Felsen 1). Indeed, it could contribute to the increasing debates concerning national security and foreign policy issue. Felsen also quoted Major General Scott Gration’s comment that Senator Obama’s counter-terrorism strategy intends that he is committed to developing the capabilities needed to defeat terrorists on the field of battle, and that he has the heart to defeat the terrorists in the debate of ideas (Felsen). On the issue of national security and foreign affairs, Obama is leading among other presidential candidates. Felsen (2007) quoted his speech as follows:

As President, I will develop a Shared Security Partnership Program to make an international intelligence and law enforcement infrastructure to take down terrorist networks from the remote islands of Indonesia, to the sprawling cities of Africa. This program will give $5 billion over three years for counter-terrorism cooperation with countries around the world, including information sharing, funding for training, operations, border security, anti-corruption programs, technology, and targeting terrorist financing. (1)

Obama is so sure that this project will concentrate on aiding America’s partners succeed without repressive tactics. For him, brutality breeds terror, it does not defeat it (Felsen 1).
(Counterargument, concession, refutation)

However, Hillary Clinton questions the stand of Barack Obama on national security and foreign policy issue. Not only that, it was John McCain who lambasted him for saying that he would meet the President of Iran without preconditions, and that the said plan could endanger national security (Quaid 1). Quaid reported that McCain raised the specter of a leader Obama meeting with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Quaid 1). In that sense,

Obama is displaying a character of inexperience and reckless judgment in his plan to talk with supporter of terrorism.

With respect to the issue on trade and economy, Obama is also mindful of the future of America. Barack Obama (2008) stated that:

I know that America’s free market has been the forerunner of America’s great economic development. It created a progress that is the envy of the world. It led to a standard of living unmatched in history. And it has provided great rewards to the innovators and risk-takers who have made America a leader for science, and technology, and discovery. (1).

In line with this, the plan of Obama was to give the middle class Americans tax relief (Obama 1). Obviously, he wants to make sure that the masses are given priority so that poverty and crisis at present time will no longer be a problem.

What has been the basis of Obama’s great faith in America’s capability to progress economically? Obama knows that trade with foreign nations should strengthen the American economy and give more American jobs (Obama 1). Surely, Obama will stand firm against agreements that undermine America’s economic security. He will go for a trade policy that provide engine for foreign markets to support good American jobs (Obama 1). He will also utilize trade agreements to proliferate good labor and environmental standards worldwide, dealing with different kinds of trade agreements as long as it does not become a surplus with other countries, some thing that will harm us economically, and stand firm against agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that fail to stay tune in to those relevant benchmarks (Obama 1). There is one thing we should understand on this. Obama is trying to eliminate the system or pattern in our trade policy that aims to protect special interests, but betray our workers, our environment and our country as a whole.

Another argument to strengthen the claim that Obama will become president is the brilliant plans of Obama to address on health care issue. For how many years, health care has been an ever-worsening problem in the United States. Essentially, Obama was a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and has made affordable, quality health care a top priority (Terry 1). He developed a system through Obama’s Hospital Quality Report Card Act that would require hospitals to track and report on their quality of care, including safety and timeliness on treatment and services, thus providing consumers higher choice and the information needed to make important healthcare decisions (Terry 1).

Aside from that, Obama also plans to proposed the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Efficiency Act in order to combat medical errors and excessive costs due to outdated technology (Terry 1). In fact Terry (2007) wrote that:

Obama’s website enumerated some surprising facts about children’s exposure to lead poisoning that has inspired him to introduce two bills to address the issue, that is the Lead Poisoning Reduction Act and Lead Free Toys Act. These are the aims to reduce the large amount of lead as discovered in many childcare centers and children’s toys. (1)

In connection with that, Obama is aware that poor community planning can endanger children and citizens through lack of sidewalks and safe places to play. That is why Obama’s Healthy Places Act requires communities to check how new projects and policies would endanger the health of community members (Terry 1). Obama is also active in preventing men from AIDS (Terry 1). Thus, his solutions for health care problems are ready to be implemented. Simply, Obama planned to cover uninsured Americans under a quality, affordable and portable coverage for all (“Health Care”). It also includes mandatory coverage for children in particular.

Next argument is the strength of Obama’s stand on the issue of crime. Two of the most famous presidential were giving their comments about death penalty. As a bakgorunder, Egelko (2008) wrote that:

When Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her campaign for the Senate in 2000, she declared – emphatically, according to an interviewer – that she supported the death penalty.When Barack Obama first ran for the Illinois state Senate in 1996, he said in a campaign questionnaire that he opposed capital punishment. (1)

To interpret that, their positions seemed to show their political roots – Clinton, the moderate “New Democrat,” a term she has used to describe herself and Barack Obama, the insurgent who got his start as a community organizer.

Moreover, if we could still remember, by the time Obama ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004, he was not advocating abolition of the death penalty. But at that time, he was saying the system of investigating and prosecuting capital crimes was so flawed that the nation should declare a change on executions (Egelko 1). Egelko pointed out that Barack Obama has changed his mind and abandoned that position as a senator. Since then, he receives the death penalty for the most heinous crimes, and calls for reforms like those he worked for in Illinois to guard against wrongful convictions, such as the tape-recording of all police interrogations (Egelko 1). That would only mean that Barack Obama is a resilient and versatile politician, thinking only of what could be the best solution to any kind of problems. That is how strong the candidacy of Barack Obama.

On the issue of climate, Obama is a champion defender of the environment. His main argument about the issue was that, he does not believe that climate change is just an issue that is convenient to bring up during a campaign (Obama 1). Furthermore, Obama (2008) said that:

I believe that the issue on climate change is one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation. That is why I have fought successfully in the Senate to increase our investment in renewable fuels, that is to effectively use natural resources like sunlight, wind, rain and others. (1)

His main concern then, is to come up with plan to rise our fuel standard. He wants oil companies to be supported in retooling their factories, on the exchange that but they will have to make cars that use less oil (Obama 1).
Obama is good in determining the problem and its solution. Obama (2008) pointed out that:

In America, the 20-million-barrel-a-day oil habit costs our economy $1.4 billion a day, and $500 billion in 2006 alone. Every single hour, we use $41 million on foreign oil. The result is that, glaciers are melting faster; the polar ice caps are shrinking; trees are blooming earlier; more people are dying in heat waves; species are migrating, and eventually many will become extinct. (1)

The awareness of Obama on this issue will help him in going over it as soon as he will be chosen as president. Climate change will be one of his priorities.

Lastly, on the issue concerning education, Barack is so much anxious to have a reform in America’s educational system. It was Green who wrote:

Obama’s long list of educational reforms he is in favor of, ranging from increased access to Advanced Placement courses to expanding summer school programs are being developed. Generally, the common thread in his educational positions is his belief that school funding must be increased in all aspects of education. (1)

With that, Obama is in support of extending the Head Start preschool program for poor children, and voted to reauthorize the program earlier this summer (Green 1). Obama was also in the Illinois State Senate when its preschool program for low-income children was instated (Green 1). I am sure, that is what America wants for a leader.

As a conclusion, it is still certain that the political plans and propaganda of Barack Obama reflects his willingness to serve his fellow Americans. His approach is highly focused for the economic and social development of America. Barack Obama has also the charisma of a political leader that can undeniably attract more support from other leaders and the American people in general. Apparently, his desire to wage a war that has to be won reflects his capability to address and solve problems of terrorism and place America in its safest and finest pedestal. Barack Obama simply believes that the United States of America will always remain a leader in terms of economic, cultural, and social aspects around the world.

Finally, we all know that Barack Obama would make the best United States president. With all the arguments stated earlier, it is respectfully submitted that Obama projects a personality of a politician that thinks only for general welfare and not self interests alone. His political will magnifies his willingness to lead America with all his knowledge and capability.

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