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Occupational Safety and Health

16 May 2017Health Essays

Occupational safety and health of individuals is a very critical consideration at international levels a major consideration being Australia. A number of international agencies play a very important role in shaping occupational safety and health. In this paper, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) are the two main considerations. World Health Organization (WHO) whose headquarters are in Geneva plays the role of coordinating international public health especially in Australia.

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Australian people have benefited from this international agency in the aspect of fighting dangerous diseases like smallpox, malaria, polio, and schistosomiasis among others (Corcorain, Shackman, 2007). WHO provides vaccines which help to eradicate these deadly diseases and this has made the Australian people live a productive life. A health nation is a productive nation and this provision has led to increased level of child mortality.

International Labor Organization (OLA) is another international agency that aims at protecting the rights of workers at work place. It is a concept of occupational safety that creates conducive environment for workers. ILO whose headquarters are in Geneva serves the purpose of strengthening workers rights, providing training opportunities, improving both living and working conditions and creating employment opportunities. The Australian employees in different organisations have massively benefited from the services of ILO. This is clearly evident as there are few cases of violence at work place reported yearly (Corcorain, Shackman, 2007).

The achievement of these benefits is made possible through application of programs such as human rights, occupational safety, labor standards and health hazard alert system. The international agencies also play a very important role in shaping OSH in the aspect of outdoor marketing. WHO for instance, has provided medical services to the capital city of south to prolong their life span. In its part ILO has been instrumental in protection of workers’ rights and enforcement of measures for purpose of occupational safety.


  • Corcoran, D. & Shackman, J. (2007). A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Strategic Value of beyond Compliance Occupational Health and Safety Programs. Journal of Business Strategies, Vol.24, pp.60-75
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